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Mr. Xu Zhijun (Eric Xu)

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO

Born in 1967, Mr. Xu holds a doctorate degree from Nanjing University of Science & Technology. Mr. Xu joined Huawei in 1993 and has served as President of the Wireless Network Product Line, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Chief Products & Solutions Officer, and Chairman of the Investment Review Board. Currently, Mr. Xu serves as Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rotating CEO, and Chairman of the Strategy & Development Committee.

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The 4th World Internet Conference (WIC 2017) is taking place at Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province from Dec 3rd to 5th this year. At the opening day, the WIC organizing committee awards “Huawei 3GPP 5G Pre-commercial System” as one of World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements, thanks to Huawei significant contribution to the development of the world internet. Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu attends the Summit and has the honor to deliver his keynote speech; the full text of his speech is as below.

Video Powers New Growth

On February 28, 2017, Huawei Rotating CEO, Eric Xu gave a keynote themed “Video Powers New Growth” at Mobile World Congress 2017. He pointed out, “Content and video are redefining the telecom industry. For telcos, video is not really a matter of choice. It's clear now that video is becoming a new basic service. It's a matter of fact, and it will open the doors to huge growth potential. Operators have no choice but to succeed in video.” Read the full script.

[Barcelona, February 28, 2017] At the Mobile World Congress 2017, Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu attended the GTI Summit and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Building 5G with More Vitality and Longer Life Cycle". He emphasized that we must remain committed to the ultimate goals of 5G, and boldly pursue technological innovation and transformation through in-depth cross-industry collaboration. Only by doing so can we realize 5G and live up to our historic mission.

Focusing on Creating Value for Customers, Achieving Sustainable Growth

A New Year Message for 2017 from Eric Xu, Rotating CEO

Fear not the drifting clouds that block your eyes: beneath shifting sands bright gold still lies. The year 2016 has seen a flock of black swans – both political and economic – sweep across the globe. Nevertheless, we have remained focused on our strategy and have patiently applied ourselves to making breakthroughs and creating real value for our customers. Our sales revenue is expected to reach 520 billion yuan, up 32% year-on-year. After years of effort, we have put in place a more streamlined delivery process, the ISDP, greatly improving delivery efficiency and quality. In 2016, we at last achieved consistency of inventory accounts and goods, and made significant progress in administrative services. These results did not come easily. On behalf of the company's management team, I would like to extend my gratitude to our customers and partners for their trust and support, to our staff for their sacrifice and dedication, and to the families of our staff for their unfailing support.

Notice on Rotating CEO Tenure

Mr. Eric Xu will be the Rotating and Acting CEO of Huawei from October 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, according to Huawei's Rotating CEO system. The Rotating and Acting CEO acts as the primary person of the company's operations and crisis management during his tenure, and is responsible for convening and chairing the meetings of Board of Directors' Executive Committee and the company's Executive Management Team.

Huawei Promotes the “All Cloud” Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation across Industries

[Shenzhen, China, April 11, 2016] At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2016, Huawei's Rotating CEO Eric Xu introduced the company's “All Cloud” strategy to attendees. Designed based on insights into industry trends, the strategy highlights Huawei's perseverance in enabling customer success, showcases its understanding on improving the end user experience, and reflects its commitment to carrying out continuous innovation and promoting industry development.

In recent times, services have become critical for Huawei as they continue to support customers and partners to address their future transformation challenges. It is also critical for Huawei to maintain sustainable growth. Huawei has redefined its Carrier business strategy, shifting its focus from "product driven + service as support" to "product driven + service driven." Huawei’s Enterprise business follows the "being integrated" strategy, focusing on enabling partners. Huawei’s Consumer business is shifting its service focus from after-sales service, to a full, lifecycle user experience.

Notice on Rotating CEO Tenure 

Mr. Eric Xu will be the Acting CEO of Huawei from April 1st 2015 to September 30th 2015, according to Huawei Rotating CEO system. The rotating CEO acts as the primary person of the company’s operations and crisis management during his tenure and is responsible for convening and chairing the meetings of Board of Directors’ Executive Committee and the company’s Executive Management Team.

Huawei defines 5G with industry partners

[Shanghai,China,November 21, 2014]: Huawei hosts the second day of The Global Mobile Broadband (MBB) Forum 2014, supported by the GSMA and the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT, in Shanghai, China. Mr. Eric Xu, Rotating CEO, Huawei made a speech.

Establishing Value Chain Partnerships to Deliver High Quality

We strive to deliver quality products and services and our customer promise. To do that, we need the industry organizations, our customers, and our suppliers with us. This must be a joint effort. We hope to draw on our collective wisdom to bring better quality, build an effective quality management system, and ultimately deliver excellent product and service quality.

Huawei Calls for Joint Efforts to Promote Sustainability and a Greener Supply Chain

[Shenzhen, China, September 24, 2014]: Huawei today held the sixth Global Supplier Sustainability Conference in Shenzhen, China, with a theme of "Building a connected world — a greener supply chain and greater competitiveness". Mr. Eric Xu, Rotating Chief Executive Officer, Huawei attended the conference and delivered the closing speech titled "Join Forces to Promote Sustainable Development and Build a Greener Supply Chain".

Letter from the Rotating and Acting CEO in 2013 Annual Report

For the past two decades, together with our customers and partners, we have created a stably connected world. In the future, we will continue to be dedicated to our vision as we endeavor to become the leader of the ICT infrastructure industry and create greater value for our customers. We seek to make this connected world a better place to live and open the door for infinite opportunities and possibilities.

Erasing the divide: A global imperative

There are 4.4 billion people who cannot receive email, access social media, video chat with distant loved ones, or post a resume online. In telco, we hear tragic statistics like these, pause for a second, and go on with our busy day. Huawei, with its commitment to broadband ubiquity, will be a trusted partner, as erasing the digital divide is not only a moral imperative for our world, but a financial one for our industry, and all its stakeholders.

[London, UK, November 6, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider, today successfully concluded its two-day 2013 Global Mobile Broadband (MBB) Forum in London.

Huawei's FusionSphere Demonstrates World-leading Virtualization Performance on SPECvirt_sc2010

[Shenzhen, China, February 26, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced that its cloud operating system, FusionSphere, scored a 3895 on SPECvirt_sc2010, the world's most authoritative performance evaluation benchmark. The evaluation results outscored the mainstream cloud operating systems due to its world-leading virtualization performance.