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Collaborate & Innovate for Industry Win-Win, Leading the Future:2015 New Year’s Greetings

Collaborate & Innovate for Industry Win-Win, Leading the Future– A New Year message from Group Procurement Management Committee &Huawei's Procurement Qualification Mgmt Dept

Procurement Red lines

To specify the basic red baseline of procurement processes, reduce procurement risks, and enhance procurement efficiency.

Procurement Business Conduct Guidelines

This document hereby supersedes the Procurement Business Conduct Guidelines (Provisional). The rules and guidelines found herein are formulated according to the Huawei Business Conduct Guidelines V1.0 while also considering the particulars surrounding procurement activities at Huawei. These Guidelines emphasize and detail conduct requirements for procurement personnel.

Huawei Procurement Disclaimer

Huawei is committed to building a transparent and open business environment, and helping suppliers to understand and be aware of Huawei's global procurement policies and requirements, therefore the common interests of suppliers and Huawei will be respected and protected.


Reiterate the Requirements of honesty and probity during Christmas/New year/Spring Holiday

Regulations on Encouraging Suppliers, Partners, and Agents to Report Huawei Employees Asking for or Taking Bribes

Guidelines for Handling Suppliers Who Misrepresent Huawei Managers in Violation of Procurement Principles

Guide to Prompt Reporting and Handling of Supplier Violations of Business Conduct Guidelines

Requirements of Procurement Internal Control

Procurement Trend

Prospective Supplier

Complaints and Feedbacks

Link to Huawei's Procurement System