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Special Edition(11/2014)

It's all about success! We aim to help you understand the industry better, with operator interviews, success stories and other accounts from industry insiders on what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.
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Some wonder if digital natives will adapt to society. The real question is whether existing establishments can appeal to digital natives. If they don’t like our world, they’ll create their own.

Digital Youth

Huawei research finds digital natives are headstrong, eager, egalitarian, enterprising and responsible. Get the details.

Don Tapscott, author of "Grown Up Digital," sees Digital Natives not as maladjusted, but better adjusted to the multitasking world of today. Read the interview here.

Huawei recently dropped on in a hackathon to meet some of the bright young minds who will help code a Better Connected World.

Digital natives tend to support businesses that demonstrate social responsibility, and even take matters into their own hands if they see a need. Aaron Jones did when he founded a social enterprise.

Digital marketing guru Tom Goodwin provides insights on how businesses can sell to a new kind of consumer who won't think to buy. Read the interview.

Digital natives are in the process of turning China upside-down. No one really knows what’s next for the Middle Kingdom, but WinWin has some perspective on what’s happening now and what led to this.

Digital natives are now joining the workforce, but who they are and what they want, and the great power that they wield through ICT, is shifting the burden of adaptation from employee to employer.

Grace Qian is a successful app developer and entrepreneur. She shares her thoughts on what makes for a successful app, what’s hot in China’s business scene, and how to reach digital natives.

Brazilian journalist Roberta Prescott provides a glimpse of the connected life in “the social media capital of the universe.”
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