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WinWin Issue 25

Voices from Industry

Getting up close and personal

“Customers are increasingly skeptical about what they buy, about what operators promise,” laments Indosat CMO Andreas Gregori. But it’s not just trust that’s an issue in this unique archipelago of 18,307 islands. Indosat is embarking on an ambitious network modernization scheme that gets closer to customers, builds trust, and delivers the right services at the right time.

Voices from Industry

TDC: Giga speed zips into play

TDC Group is Denmark’s biggest telco and the world’s leading multi system operator (MSO). The Danish tech innovator has begun revving up its networks to launch DOCSIS 3.1 in 2016 and hit 1 Gbps speeds to meet ultra-broadband service demands. TDC Group CTO Carsten Bryder told us why things are looking rosy for the Giga era.

Voices from Industry

L-shaped telcos in an evolving digital world

For an industry that’s in real need of change, digital transformation is no longer just a sound bite. Operators are looking for ways not only to survive, but to also thrive in this ever evolving digital world. Peter Sany, President and CEO of TM Forum, shared with us the way out.


Stacking up the gains with OpenStack

With 37,000 global members and 80 user groups spanning 165 countries and 800 organizations, OpenStack is proving that there’s strength in numbers – it’s dominating markets and big-name participants are promoting its offering: open-source cloud management technology. What’s the secret behind the enthusiasm? Alan Clark, the Chairman of OpenStack Foundation, tells us.

Issue 25

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Keeping a close eye on AI

In January 2015, dozens of scientists joined physicist Stephen Hawking and business magnate Elon Musk in signing an open letter concerning AI. The letter stated that, “It is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls”. But, there’s still some way to go before AI becomes sentient. And when it does, we’ll be the ones in control.

Tao of Business

What should we do before 5G?

Even for the most innovative carriers, 5G will not be commercially deployed before 2020; it might take even longer to roll out 5G networks on a large scale.

Tao of Business

Now’s the time for telco central offices to offer cloud business

Are telecom operators late to the cloud service sales party? How will telecom services look once they migrate to the cloud, and what implications does this have for the enterprise domain and communications industry.


Clouds, intelligence, and the future

Despite the global economic downturn, new sources of global economic momentum are emerging. The Fourth Industrial Revolution – digitization, Internetization, and autonomous AI – is already underway.The integrated circuit is transitioning from silicon to graphene, 4G is underpinning mobile communications and the shift to 5G will happen soon, and the sharing economy based on mobile Internet is flourishing.

Tao of Business

The four faces of B2B2C: Telco+enterprise makes business personal

In China’s Internet Plus era, convergence sits at the heart of enterprise business models, with some of the nation’s biggest hitters embracing the plus trend to implement digitization: advertising + Internet = Baidu; e-commerce + Internet = Taobao; and payment + Internet = Alipay.

Tao of Business

Connect where it counts-Mapping your transformation into a digital economy with GCI 2016

Huawei is proud to present Global Connectivity Index 2016. In its third year, the report measures the progress 50 nations are making in ICT to achieve economic digitization. Combined, these nations make up 90 percent of global GDP and 78 percent of the world’s population.


Catalyzing success at LG Uplus with HD voice and video

The Korean Telco LG Uplus has enjoyed good fortune since it built its LTE network in Seoul with Huawei back in 2013, recognized by award wins at the 2014 LTE World Summit in the Netherlands and the 2014 GTB Innovation Awards in London.


Painting ICT green with Spain's Telefónica

With the strategic aim of becoming a green telecom leader, Telefónica set and initiated its green ICT plan back in 2007. In that year, the carrier started to focus on using less energy and reducing CO2 emissions to engender sustainable services and urban environments.


TeliaSonera scores another first with 4.5G

On December 14, 2015, Norwegian telco TeliaSonera teamed up with Huawei to unleash the world’s first 4.5G network in Oslo. The network – LTE-Advanced Pro – is the world’s fastest, reaching outdoor peak rates of 1 Gbps. The leap from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps seven years later is an impressive technological breakthrough that testifies to the telco’s commitment to customer experience.


Wi2: On the virtualization journey

Established in 2007 under the KDDI umbrella, Acca Wireless was the precursor to Wire and Wireless (Wi2), a Wi-LAN network service provider that now runs more than 200,000 hotspots in Japan. Wi2 CTO Naoto Komatsu shared the secrets of his company’s virtualization journey, complete with background, benefits, and the way forward.


UNIFY: Transforming infrastructure with NFV for Ooredoo Qatar

Like many operators, Ooredoo is going next-gen with its network architecture. In the Qatar operator’s case, UNIFY is the strategy driving ICT transformation on the road to delivering a digital customer experience through simple and agile IT. As part of this strategy, the company is working to transform service delivery via a series of tech initiatives, including NFV.


China Mobile Guangxi: Buzzing from efficiency with drone site surveys

In January 2016, Huawei and China Mobile Guangxi (CMG) teamed up to launch a drone for RF survey of base stations on the operator’s LTE network. Drones have resolved issues like access and safety in CMG’s many mountainous sites, which require technicians to make some dangerous climbs. The solution automates key tasks, creating a boon for optimization and network planning.