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WinWin Issue 24

Voices from Industry

Zain KSA: Winning Through Caring

Zain KSA explains its commitment to quality-centric transformation.


Operators eye the IoT market, but hurdles remain

NB-IoT is hitting the mainstream, but the path must first be cleared.


ROADS to MBB 2020

ROADS: how this new industry benchmark is paving the way to MBB 2020.


HKT: Here to serve

An overview of how Huawei's SmartCare improves life for HKT's customers.

Issue 24

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Voices from Industry

UNITEL: Making Angola an ICT Hub

CEO Tony Dolton explains how UNITEL will become a leading regional player.

Voices from Industry

Telenor: Internetization in India

The Norwegian giant talks about it's Internet for All initiative in India .


The new mindset: Getting it right with a user-oriented operations model

Huawei has determined what investment targets a country should focus on to get the most "bang for its buck" in terms of ICT investment. Learn more.


The move to an HD world

A look at how VoLTE is driving us into the new experience-driven era.


A smart future with AI, IQ, the cloud

Check out what's hot in the ICT world.

Tao of Business

Thinking big with cognitive computing

AI, cognition, and computing. Where are we at and where are we going?

Tao of Business

GitHub: Getting down with the API economy

Github CEO Scott Chacon gives the scoop on the API economy.

Tao of Business

Reaching 4 billion: The sustainable business of closing the digital divide

Huawei's Adam Lane explains the business behind connecting the unconnected.

Tao of Business

Video takes the role of LTE star

People are watching more video than ever. What does this mean for carriers?

Tao of Business

Connected cities: From science fiction to science fact

The BBC examines the smart and connected cities of tomorrow.


Etisalat Misr: Climbing the pyramid of success with U900

Find out how the Huawei U900 is boosting communications in Egypt.


Big alliance for small cells in Indonesia

A look at the importance of small cells in solving communcations problems.


Banking on success with Telenor Serbia

An insight into Telenor Serbia's forays into the banking world.


Building a dream cloud ecosystem with CNBMT

CNBMT contends that explosive growth is needed for cloud maturity.