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Issue 74(02/2015)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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As the near-end for users and main telco revenue source, the access network will be redefined. The last mile of access is being transformed into the first meter of a smart network portal.

Cover Story

Wenzhou Mobile is a 4K success story. Learn how the operator has achieved this through both savvy partnership and technical excellence.

Industry Focus

Carriers and Internet companies should cooperate. Carriers can optimize & guarantee Wi-Fi access, while Internet companies can concentrate on user resource monetization.

Learn how Huawei’s floor distribution box (FDB) and pre-connection solutions for ODN have aided Rostelecom and Telefonica FTTx efforts.

Learn how your billing system can be transformed for the era of digital operations.

Indusrty Perspectives

Learn how governments can shift their infrastructure policies to favor broadband development, and thus advance their own economies.

Smart next-gen optical line terminals (smart NG-OLTs) must satisfy the access requirements of any bandwidth, service, or location, and deliver better service experience.

Fifth-gen optical networks must feature openness, flexibility, and orchestration if the cost-per-bit needed for tomorrow networks is to be realized.

How to Operate

Learn how Swisscom is using a variety of fiber scenarios, supplemented with Vectoring (and soon, to keep its fixed services on par if not better than its MSO rivals.

Learn how telcos can compete or cooperate with OTTs through the business models enabled by fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) 2.0.


Learn about how Huawei’s fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) solution can keep fixed telcos competitive with MSOs.

Fast-to-the-office is an Android-based platform that aggregates proprietary and third-party services for SME's. Learn more.

Cutting Edge

Learn how DOCSIS is keeping MSO’s relevant in an era when mere cable TV provision is no longer enough.

Despite the great leaps seen with Vectoring &, Huawei thinks that copper has more left to give, and envisages a fifth-generation standard (5GBB) for the medium.