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Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011

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Connected Possibilities

Connected anytime, anywhere

Today's broadband challenges are in effect nothing less than opportunities to create a better world by connecting enterprises, people and devices around our planet.

Building a connected world

Huawei is committed to connecting the world. To connect families and friends. To connect all people separated by distance and time. We believe the right technologies at the right time can bring everyone closer together, create new business opportunities, improve operating efficiency, and spur development. Above all else, connectivity lets us share experiences to enrich and improve the lives of everyone.

Connection creates limitless opportunities and possibilities

As the world becomes more connected, individuals seize and conceive endless opportunities to understand more deeply, learn more broadly, and explore more completely. At the same time businesses grow more intelligent and engage more openly on wider bases. This shrinking world is enabling knowledge and business platforms to expand, to create new values, and to harvest new rewards. Huawei imagines a future that is bountiful and exciting, where connections between people and businesses will be seamless, helping everyone to communicate and to collaborate from all over the world.

Joining hands to create the future

We join hands with our customers and partners in working towards a connected world. We will continue to be dedicated to serving our customers. We look forward to sharing, listening, collaborating, and facing both new opportunities and new challenges together.