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As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei is dedicated to sustainable socio-economic development and strives to build a better connected world in which everyone can share everything.

This approach aims to enable full connectivity between people, between people and things, and between things. With our expertise in the information and communications area, we are working to bridge the digital divide by enabling high-quality broadband for all. We always honor our commitment to supportingsecure and stable network operations at all times and at all sites. We help customers and industries improve productivity and reduce energy consumption, thus promoting low-carbon economic growth.

In addition, we integrate global resources, localize our operations, and improve technological and economic levels at each locale in which we operate, thus building a sustainable industry chain in which everyone wins

Since 2013, we have also been working to help bridge the digital divide, by partnering with SaskTel and Athabasca Basin Development to bring cellular and wireless internet services to communities in Northern Saskatchewan.
This is the largest contribution made to help connect rural and northern Canadians and to ensure residents and businesses across the province of Saskatchewan have access to innovative technologies. To learn more about the project, watch the video of our visit to Black Lake, Saskatchewan in July 2016.

Huawei Technologies Leitmotiv lautet “Enrich life through communication!“. Wir haben es uns daher zur Aufgabe gemacht, innovative und kundenspezifische Produkte, Dienste und Lösungen anzubieten und damit für unsere Nutzer langfristige Werte und Wachstumspotential zu schaffen.

As a global company, we undertake social responsibilities by promoting harmonious social development rather than merely focusing on our own development. Huawei incorporates sustainability requirements into our business operations and establishes management systems to fulfill sustainability initiatives. Looking into the future, Huawei will remain dedicated to creating economic benefits for society. We will also focus on sustainability opportunities and challenges and continuously improve our sustainability management by working closely with stakeholders to build a harmonious business ecosystem.

As part of Huawei's sustainability strategy, our Bridging the Digital Divide initiative is fully aligned with our core corporate strategy: the Pipe Strategy. The "pipe" refers to an information system that focuses on technology and industry perspectives. The system carries information from its generation, aggregation, transmission, and switching, all the way into the "information Pacific". As digital floods approach, we enhance pipe capacity, increase pipe capabilities, and optimize pipe management to deliver ever wider pipes that enable ubiquitous broadband availability. It is through these efforts that we enrich life through communication and improve work efficiency. We focus on four areas in helping Society Bridge the digital divide: communications for all, broadband for all, nurturing ICT talent, and application of ICT technologies.

As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei attaches the highest priority to supporting the stability and security of customer networks and business activities, particularly when earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters and emergencies strike. We keep on challenging ourselves and innovating continuously to support the stability and security of network equipment in a variety of severe conditions and honor our commitment of collaborating with customers.

Huawei prioritizes environmental protection requirements during production, service, and business activities. In this regard, we integrate carbon reduction and environmental protection ideas into product lifecycles and continuously develop innovative technologies to boost the energy efficiency of our products and solutions. As part of our drive to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, we continue to improve resource utilization in our operations. While adopting green initiatives on our own, we assist other industries in transitioning into a low-carbon economy. We aim to fuel sustainability and achieve the goals of "Green Communications, Green Huawei, and Green World".

Amidst deepening economic globalization and growing social awareness, stakeholders are shifting their focus from the economic performance of an enterprise to the corporate social responsibility the enterprise undertakes. Stakeholders are increasingly concerned about whether the enterprise improves working conditions, operates with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and contributes to local communities to drive value chain sustainability. As a result of the global economic slowdown, enterprises are facing tremendous operating risks with many companies suffering consecutive losses or going bankrupt. Reports about delayed salary payments, layoffs, and other negative news are flooding newspapers. In addition, certain companies forsake product quality for blind business expansion and short-term benefits, causing numerous customer complaints and dampening customer confidence. Enterprises should, instead, proactively shoulder social responsibilities by stabilizing employment, contributing to harmony in local communities, and exerting positive influence on the supply chain. Fulfilling social responsibilities is a way of demonstrating a sense of responsibility and a means to gather strength for further development. Driving value chain sustainability is both a challenge and an opportunity for any enterprise.
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