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Our Value Propositions

Resonating with the revolutionary changes taking place in the information industry, Huawei continuously innovates to meet customer needs and advance our technological leadership. We openly cooperate with industry partners, focus on building future-proof information pipes, and continuously create value for our customers and society at large. Based on these value propositions, Huawei is dedicated to enriching life and improving efficiency through a better connected world. In addition, we strive to be the first choice and best partner for telecom carriers and enterprise customers while becoming a brand of choice among consumers.
Our Value Propositions
Ubiquitous Broadband

The Internet makes it easier to disseminate and obtain information, and stimulates people's desire to go online anytime, anywhere using any device. This level of connectivity enables users to access more content and applications and enjoy the convenience made possible by mobile offices. Enterprises are migrating their services from IT systems to data centers and clouds, which in turn places higher requirements on networks. Harnessing future data surges requires networks with enhanced capacity, coverage, and efficiency. Huawei aims to bring the benefits of networks to more people.

Given that the requirements for network connectivity, bandwidth, reliability, and security are far from being satisfied, Huawei is committed to helping carriers increase network capacity, optimize network management, and enable Internet-based operations. We continuously innovate new architectures (such as SoftCOM), Single platforms, and new technologies. By delivering products and solutions with leading technologies and smooth evolution, we help customers build highly efficient network infrastructures that provide on-demand services to users and offer them easy access to ubiquitous broadband.

Agile Innovation

The ICT industry is still developing rapidly. New trends such as mobility, cloud computing, Big Data, and social networking are driving the industry into new frontiers. In addition, significant digitalization changes are taking place in the real world. The Internet is driving the modernization and restructuring of traditional industries.

Enterprises and industries must rapidly gain insights into business opportunities and continuously enhance IT-enabled organizational collaboration in order to launch new products and new services into markets better and faster. IT is transforming from a support system into a production system and has become a core competence of enterprises.

Huawei provides data center infrastructure solutions based on cloud computing to help customers enhance utilization of storage and computing resources, and enable business systems to be quickly deployed, easily operated and maintained, and efficiently managed. Huawei also provides mobile office solutions that help customers improve work efficiency. Our intelligent data analysis system leverages Big Data technologies to help customers gain insights into business opportunities and make agile business innovations.

The next 30 years will witness the gradual replacement of private data centers by public cloud data centers. Huawei is positioned to help carriers build public clouds and seize the tremendous opportunities presented by enterprise ICT cloud services.

Inspired Experience

A superior user experience is the basis of business success. The experience with the product itself is important, but the experience of cloud services provided by the product is more important. Future smart devices, including wearable smart devices, are gaining wider market appeal thanks to enhanced user experience made possible by such features as precise emotion recognition and context awareness.

Our goal is to provide industry-leading device products. Through innovations in key technologies (e.g., ambient intelligence, voice interaction, and new materials), industry designs, and cloud services, we will take the user experience to a new level.