The ICPC Training Camp powered by Huawei is an international program initiated by the International Collegiate Programming Contest University Commons (ICPCU). It aims to provide an extended platform to support high-level programming training and innovation for college students who are passionate about programming and algorithms. Huawei’s support for the ICPC Training Camp continues in its commitment to open research platforms that are oriented to the future of information terminals, computing, and connectivity. Huawei is committed to create opportunity for the next generation of problem solvers as they explore challenging subject areas that advance science and technology and propel industry to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Our ability to solve the world's most critical problems will be built on a foundation created by leaders in industry, academia, and students willing to invest in developing their skills and talents. The ICPC community commends all who have invested in making this camp a reality.

Dr. Jeff Donahoo

Baylor University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Deputy Executive Director
ICPC Executive Director of World Finals Contests

On behalf of the ICPC Foundation, welcome to the ICPC Training Camp powered by Huawei ! We are delighted to endorse the camp under the ICPC University Commons and express our appreciation to the ICPC Global Community universities, faculty, trainers, and industry experts for initiating this program. In particular, thank you Huawei for making it happen with no financial barriers to students.

Dr. William B. Poucher

ICPC Foundation President
ICPC Executive Director

I’m honored to welcome you to the ICPC Training Camp powered by Huawei. Huawei will continue to sponsor contests & boot camps, providing professional coaching to the ICPC community. We would also like to share with all of you real-world industrial problems that need to be solved in order to enable a fully-connected & intelligent world. Together, we could learn & grow through ICPC, and drive technological progress!

Dr. Hong Zhou

President of Institute of Strategic Research,



The ICPC Training Camp powered by Huawei is an international training program that supports participants during the entire period of their preparations for the upcoming competition season, with an innovative approach to training, as problems are being created and solved by participants from different parts of the world. The 1st Phase Camp is on-line invitation-only event in early February with teams selected based on performance at their respective Regional Championships.Phase 2 is an in-person invitation-only event in China and in Europe for teams getting ready for future ICPC World Finals. Problem solving techniques are carefully analyzed by the coaches and discussed in groups, creating a collaborative environment and enriching student’s problem solving techniques along with fostering teamwork. ICPC Training Camp is free of charge for all registered participants and provided by Huawei.

  • We will bring together our community of contestants, and ICPC coaches and alumni to share problem-solving strategies and insights as well as to stregthen the programing skills of the participants to prepare for the most advanced-level competitions.


  • The Training camp kicks off a series of multi-regional training activities of the ICPC University Commons with the main goal of providing an open environment and continuous learning opportunities for existing competitors through the best academic and industry practices.

    Training Camp problems are being rigorously prepared by the ICPC community membership, including coaches from the ICPC World Finals championship teams. Industrial challenge problems are developed by the leading Huawei experts in the area of AI, Software, Wireless Technologies etc.


Organizer representative

CJ Hwang

Texas State University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Executive Director of ICPC Asia Contests

Wenxin Li

Peking University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Asia East Continent Co-Director & Steering Committee
ICPC 2018 World Finals Director

Guojie Luo

Peking University Associate Professor of Computer Science
World Finals Gold and Silver Medal Coach
ICPC World Finals Asia East Champion Coach

Matvey Kazakov

Executive Director, ICPC Northern Eurasia
ICPC World Finals Director of Operations

Pawel Gawrychowski

Associate professor at University of Wroclaw, ICPC Finalists/Coach

Guilei Xie

President of Central Software
Institute, Huawei

Aimeng Wang

Vice President of Institute of Strategic Research, Huawei

Qingyang Dong

Director of Shanghai Research Center, Huawei

Shaowei Liu

President of European Research Institute, Huawei

Xingpu Tian

President of Russian Research Institute, Huawei

Chengwu Cai

President of Asia Pacific Research Institute, Huawei

Renato Lombardi

Huawei Fellow
President of Milan Research Center, Huawei


Mikhail Mirzayanov

Founder & CEO of Codeforces
ICPC World Finals World Champion & Northern Eurasia Champion Coach
ICPC World Finals Gold and Silver Medal Coach and Silver Medal Contestant

Qinjian Zhang

Teaching & Engineering Staff in School of EECS at Peking University
Chief Developer and Administrator of

Karol Pokorski

University of Wroclaw, PHD Candidate

Artur Kraska

University of Wroclaw

Weiwei Sun

Fudan University
Head Coach of Competitive Programming

Chaozhe Kong

Peking University, ICPC World Finals finalist
Ranked 15th in the Chinese NOI 2018 and is a LGM in Codeforces
ICPC 2020 Nanjing and Shenyang Regionals Champion, runnerup in EC-Final 2020
Contributor of ICPC Huawei Camp 2021

Tuo Dai

Peking University
Ranked Second Prize at IEEE/CEDA EDAthon 2021

Invited Experts

Bill McColl

Director of Future Computing Lab in Zurich Research Center, Huawei

Stratis Viglas

Chief Cloud Database Architect in Edinburg Research Center, Huawei

Jan Madey

Huawei Advisor
ICPC World Champions team coach
Lifetime Coach Award Recipient (20+ years bringing teams to the ICPC World Finals)

Vladimir Kotov

Huawei Advisor
ICPC Senior Coach Award Recipient (15+ years bringing teams to the ICPC World Finals)

Vasyl Biletskyy

Huawei Advisor
ICPC 2008 Gold Medalist,
ICPC Coach Award Recipient(5+ years bringing teams to the ICPC World Finals)

Shmelev Alexey

Senior Engineer of Nizhny Novgorod Research Center, Huawei
ICPC 2011 Silver Medalist,
ICPC World Finals 2021 Champion team coach

Miaofeng Wang

Expert of CBG Camera Algorithm, Huawei

Yichuan Yu

Senior Expert of Software-Hardware Codesign, Huawei

Haibo Chen

Chief Scientist of OS Kernel, Huawei

Pinyan Lu

Chief Scientist of Theoretical Computers, Huawei

Jianjiang Zeng

Senior Expert of Software & Hardware Collaborative Design, Huawei


Phase 1:

Online Training: Feb 6-7, 2023
6 Feb, 2023

Opening Ceremony

Training session 1 & Analysis

7 Feb, 2023

Training session 2 & Analysis

Closing Ceremony, Winner & Prizes Announcement

Phase 2:Onsite Training & ICPC Challenge powered by Huawei

ICPC On-site Training & Huawei Challenge in China: Aug 25-27, 2023
25 August, 2023

Opening Ceremony

ICPC Challenge powered by Huawei

26 August, 2023

Training session 1 & analysis

Visit and Communication

27 August, 2023

Training session 2 & analysis

Closing Ceremony

ICPC On-site Training in Poland: Oct 13-15, 2023
13 October, 2023

Opening Ceremony

Training session 1

14 October, 2023

Training session 2 & analysis

Tech talk

15 October, 2023

Training session 3 & analysis

Culture experience tour

Closing Ceremony

Prize Pool

Phase 1
Place 1-4
Huawei Matebook
Place 5-10
Huawei MatePad
Place 11-20
Huawei Watch
Phase 2

China Training Camp - Training
Session Awards (Teams)

Europe Training Camp - Training
Session Awards

Place 1
Huawei P60 Pro
Place 1
Huawei Matebook
Place 2
Huawei MatePad
Place 2
Huawei MatePad
Place 3-4
Huawei Watch
Place 3-5
Huawei Watch
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