The ICPC Training Camp powered by Huawei is an international program initiated by the International Collegiate Programming Contest University Commons (ICPCU). It aims to provide an extended platform to support high-level programming training and innovation for college students who are passionate about programming and algorithms. Huawei’s support for the ICPC Training Camp continues in its commitment to open research platforms that are oriented to the future of information terminals, computing, and connectivity. Huawei is committed to create opportunity for the next generation of problem solvers as they explore challenging subject areas that advance science and technology and propel industry to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Our ability to solve the world's most critical problems will be built on a foundation created by leaders in industry, academia, and students willing to invest in developing their skills and talents. The ICPC community commends all who have invested in making this camp a reality.

Dr. Jeff Donahoo

Baylor University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Deputy Executive Director
ICPC Executive Director of World Finals Contests

On behalf of the ICPC Foundation, welcome to the Shanghai ICPC Training Camp! We are delighted to endorse the camp under the ICPC University Commons and express our appreciation to the ICPC Global Community universities, faculty, trainers, and industry experts for initiating this program. In particular, thank you Huawei for making it happen with no financial barriers to students.

Dr. William B. Poucher

Baylor University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Foundation President
ICPC Executive Director

Today's world is full of challenges and uncertainties. While continuously exploring future innovations, Huawei opens its arms to global collaboration and supports talent cultivation. The company will continue to welcome ICPC talent from around the world, with the goal of solving technical problems and building a fully connected, intelligent world by working together.

William Xu

Director of the Board, Huawei
President of Institute of Strategic Research, Huawei



The Training Camp is the first international training program that supports participants during the entire period of their preparations for the upcoming competition season, with an innovative approach to training, as problems are being created and solved by participants from different parts of the world. The Camp begins with an online intensive program, followed by a series of monthly training activities and scrimmages, culminating in an intensive on-site training course. Problem solving techniques are carefully analyzed by the coaches and discussed in groups, creating a collaborative environment and enriching student’s problem solving techniques along with fostering teamwork. The ICPC Training Camp is free of charge for all registered participants courtesy of Huawei.

  • We will bring together our global community of contestants, ICPC coaches and alumni, the industry and academia to share problem-solving strategies and insights as well as to strengthen programming skills and to get ready for the most advanced level competitions.

  • The Training camp kicks off a series of multi-regional training activities of the ICPC University Commons with the main goal of providing an open environment and continuous learning opportunities for existing competitors through the best academic and industry practices.

    Training Camp problems are being rigorously prepared by the ICPC community membership, including coaches from the ICPC World Finals championship teams. Industrial challenge problems are developed by the leading Huawei experts in the area of AI, Wireless Technologies etc.

    Several online activities will be organized in conjunction with ICPC NERC (Petrozavodsk State University, ITMO University) Training Camp to exchange knowledge, compete with current champions, and learn from world renowned coaches, including Andrey Stankevich (ITMO), Gennadiy Korotkevich (ITMO), Mikhail Tikhomirov (MIPT) in real-time! The on-site training camp in Shanghai will include coaches and representatives from Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Fudan University etc.

    This year's training program will also include an ICPC Challenge powered by Huawei. The Challenge problem is based on a real-world industrial topic, providing participants the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies. Winners will receive remarkable prizes from the company.

  • Due to the current pandemic situation, the first phase of this training will occur online. This will be followed by a series of online monthly activities and scrimmages, culminating in an intensive invitation-only 5-day Shanghai ICPC training powered by Huawei in May 2021 (exact date will be communicated to you and your coach shortly, once the epidemiological situation is clear).

    Eligibility: Invitation-only team competition, based on ICPC finalists for select championships in ICPC competitions.

    ICPC University thanks Huawei for providing additional training and learning opportunities for all ICPC regions. We look forward to welcoming eligible participants to upcoming events!
    Stay tuned for more information.

    You will be able to join those activities online once your registration has been completed and approved.




Organizer representative

CJ Hwang

Texas State University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Executive Director of ICPC Asia Contests

Wenxin Li

Peking University Professor of Computer Science
ICPC Asia East Continent Co-Director & Steering Committee ICPC 2018 ICPC World Finals Director

Guojie Luo

Peking University Associate Professor of Computer Science
World Finals Gold and Silver Medal Coach
ICPC World Finals Asia East Champion Coach

Matvey Kazakov

Co-Founder & CTO of Orion SCM, Inc
Executive Director of ICPC in Northern Eurasia
ICPC World Finals and NERC Director of Operations
ICPC World Finals Gold Medal Coach and Third Place Contestant

Roman Soshkin

Petrozavodsk State University Team Leader & Lecturer in Engineering Science

Oleg Hristenko

Сhief Judge of Petrozavodsk Camp
Technical Coordinator of Open Cup named after E.V. Pankratiev
ICPC World Finals Analyst

Guilei Xie

President of Huawei Central Software Institute

Hong Zhou

President of Huawei European Research Institute

Qingyang Dong

Director of Huawei Shanghai Research Center


Ruyi Ji

Key Lab of High Confidence Software Technologies, Ministry of Education Department of Computer Science and Technology, EECS, Peking University
ICPC World Finals Gold and Silver Metal Contestant

Junhui Deng

Tsinghua University Professor of Computer Science

Weiwei Sun

Fudan University Associate Professor of Computer Science
ICPC World Finals Silver Medal Coach

Yong Yu

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
ICPC World Finals World Champion Coach

Artem Vasilyev

JetBrains Researcher
Judge of Moscow ICPC Region
ICPC World Finals World Champion & Northern Eurasia Champion Contestant
World Finals Gold and Silver Medal Contestant

Mikhail Mirzayanov

Founder & CEO of Codeforces
ICPC World Finals World Champion & Northern Eurasia Champion Coach
ICPC World Finals Gold and Silver Medal Coach and Silver Medal Contestant

Andrew Stankevich

ITMO University Associate Professor at Information Technology and Programming Faculty
ICPC World Finals World Champion & Northern Eurasia Champion Coach
ICPC World Finals Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Coach and Gold Medal Contestant

Etienne Vouga

The University of Texas at Austin Assistant Professor of Computer Science
ICPC University Curriculum and Training Advisory Committees
2020 UT Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Mikheev Vitaly

Huawei JVM Senior Expert

Industry experts

Vladimir Rubanov

Huawei CTO for Software Engineering at Russian Research Institute

Haibo Chen

Chief Scientist of Huawei OS Kernel

Merouane Debbah

Director of the Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Huawei

Xinyi Zhang

Huawei Software IDE Senior Expert

Pinyan Lu

Chief Scientist of Huawei Theoretical Computers

Jianjiang Ceng

Huawei Software and Hardware Collaborative Design Senior Expert

Xiaobo Liu

Huawei CBG Cloud Service AI Algorithm Expert

Qi Tian

Chief Scientist in the AI Field of HUAWEI CLOUD

Miaofeng Wang

Huawei CBG Camera Algorithm Expert


Xiaoming Yuan

Chief Algorithm Scientist of HUAWEI CLOUD


Shanghai / Online

Phase 1: Online training & Training Contest with Petrozavodsk

Phase 2: Monthly online practice: March/April/May 2021

Phase 3: On-site training + Huawei Challenge: May 2021


Jan 29-Feb 8, 2021

  • 1 Feb, 2021

    Welcome from ICPC & Huawei

    Lectures from top coaches

    Test contest

    2 Feb, 2021

    Training Contest 1

    Training Contest 1 analysis

    3 Feb, 2021

    Training Contest 2

    Training Contest 2 analysis

    Closing: awards for participating teams, certificates to all participants

  • Mar/Apr/May, 2021

    ICPC Gymnasium / 'Scrimmage': once a month event including online practice and competition

    Training has scores but it's not affecting student's official record

    Lectures from top coaches + Career advice

  • 21 May, 21

    Opening Ceremony

    Training session 1 & analysis

    22 May, 21


    Exhibition & Tech talk

    23 May, 21

    Training session 2 & analysis

    Closing Ceremony

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