Welcome to the new intelligent world – a world that anticipates our needs and doesn't just connect us to each other, but connects us to everything we see and touch. In this new intelligent world, AI will be as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. It will be the invisible presence that constantly strives to make our lives better, dissolving borders, simplifying business, and bringing us closer as human beings.

On the path toward an intelligent world, ubiquitous sensing, high-speed connections, and sharing of knowledge will lead to unprecedented growth and value creation. Data will become an inexhaustible resource. The digital economy will be worth US$23 trillion. The value of +Intelligence will be widely available to manufacturing, services, transportation, and many other industries.

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Ubiquitous Connectivity

Connectivity is a basic human need in today's world. It's proven that economic growth thrives when people, homes, and organizations are connected.

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Pervasive Intelligence

AI is everywhere and it is changing entire industries. Huawei’s full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio is accessible to every person, home, and organization.

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Personalized Experience

We believe technology belongs to the individual. In a fully connected, intelligent world, everyone will be respected and ordinary people can become extraordinary.

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Digital Platform

We're building a digital platform that's open, agile, easy-to-use, and reliable. All businesses will enjoy an unprecedented level of agility and efficiency.

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Technology is good, Pass it on

Sustained R&D investment is the key to an intelligent future


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