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Huawei’s Big Data Analytics Platform Named ‘Most Innovative Data Governance Solution’


[Madrid, Spain, October 25, 2017]  Today at the Telco Big Data Analytics Summit Euro 2017, hosted by Informa and Telefonica, Huawei’s big data analytics platform FusionInsight-Universe Analytics received the ‘Most Innovative Data Governance Solution’ award.

Huawei Named “Most Innovative Data Governance Solution”

With rapid growth in cloud computing, 5G and IoT, carriers have recognized the importance of big data to operators, and big data governance is the basis for its utilization. During a keynote speech titled, ‘Efficient data governance with Machine Learning Data Integration’, Huawei’s big data product expert Ignacio Barbudo spoke about how Huawei has accumulated machine learning technology and knowledge from multiple years of telco big data project implementation in its FusionInsight-Universe Analytics platform, and provided intelligent data integration capabilities to carriers.

The solution dramatically reduces data integration workloads. Its capabilities include: 1) data management across heterogeneous data warehouses; 2) integrated quality audits; 3) data lifecycle management; and 4) data lineage analysis. Huawei’s big data governance solution provides high-quality data to AI and big data applications efficiently, and shortens the AI and big data application Time to Market (TTM). Based on experience with China Mobile and many other projects, data governance efficiency has increased by more than 40%, and high-quality data increased by more than 40%. The data preparation cycle decreased to hours from months, and AI and big data application TTM decreased from months to weeks.

Summit guests from carriers praised Huawei’s intelligent data government solution as highly original. The solution can improve big data governance efficiency and reduce big data utilization costs by resolving problems like a lack of Telco data knowledge, poor data quality, and long data preparation TTM. Huawei will provide better data governance solutions by continuously improving capabilities like data management across heterogeneous data sources, automatic data feature detection, and intelligent data preparation.

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