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AOD Smart Street Lighting Saves Energy and Costs

Advanced Optronic Devices (AOD) is the world's largest supplier of LED street lights. Its LED lights are designed for outdoor, commercial, and industrial use. Huawei partnered with AOD to deploy a smart street light solution in Weifang, a city located in China's Shandong province.The smart street light solution uses Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) over licensed spectrum, which offers excellent coverage and reliability. It allows for precise control, down to the brightness of each individual light, with options to program lighting patterns based on the season, weather, or other specific need. LED lighting already delivers power savings of 50% over traditional street lights; the smart lighting solution enables a further 10%–20% improvement in power saving.

The smart street light solution also supports remote fault detection and troubleshooting, thereby eliminating the need for manual inspections. Combined with lifecycle management based on the record of each street light, remote monitoring can reduce maintenance costs by about 50%.