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Anti-Bribery Compliance

Huawei believes that corruption severely damages fair market competition and is a threat to the development of our society, economy, and enterprises. Huawei upholds the principles of conducting business ethically and with integrity, and complies with all applicable anti-bribery laws and regulations in countries and regions where it operates. Huawei applies a "zero-tolerance" approach towards corruption.

The Business Inspection Dept works as the company's RCO of anti-bribery compliance (ABC), and is responsible for enabling the establishment of an ABC program across the company and compliance management. At Huawei, we have designated key roles in its business groups (BGs), business units (BUs), and functional units (FUs), and established ABC organizations in our subsidiaries to fulfill ABC responsibilities and support the operations of the company's ABC program.

Huawei takes the following key measures to ensure ABC:

  • Highlighting its zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and bribery and clarifying its ABC requirements for employees and third parties in the Statement on Anti-Corruption, Corporate Anti-bribery Policy, Anti-corruption Policy for Huawei Partners, and relevant compliance regulations for business activities.
  • Hiring experienced external consultants to design and implement the anti-bribery/corruption compliance program from four aspects in order to systematically control and manage corruption risks. The four aspects are: compliance culture; governance and oversight; compliance risk assessment and prevention, detection, and response; as well as operational program effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Continuously enhancing employee awareness of ABC. Clearly defining its ABC requirements in corporate documents, such as the BCG and Employee Behavior Guidelines, and taking various measures to effectively pass on the ABC requirements to employees and ensure ABC compliance, including training, signing commitment letters, and exams.
  • Prioritizing the ABC management of third parties. For third parties associated with Huawei, the company effectively controls and manages ABC risks through risk assessments, due diligence, training, signing commitment letters, etc.
  • Encouraging employees and third parties to report violations to help improve the effectiveness of the ABC program.