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Time for IPv6

With various IPv4 to IPv6 evolution technologies, operators can make smooth transition to IPv6. Experts from EANTC and Huawei explore the IPv6 solution.

The dramatic growth of the Internet is depleting IPv4 addresses, yet IPv6 services remain challenging for the consumer market. A number of cooperative tests have been organized by EANTC and equipment vendors, and the IPv6 industry is maturing for large-scale application.

Carsten Rossenhovel, Managing Director, EANTC: “At the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2012, we covered IPv6 interoperability testing to help service providers solve their challenges in IPv6 migration. We focus on IPv6 migration scenarios, where both IPv4 and IPv6 are integrated in the network at the same time.”

Rossenhovel thinks that the industry is ready for IPv4 to IPv6 transformation, though there are challenging ahead in terms of scaling IPv4 to IPv6 migration and interoperations of multi-vendor equipment. The Huawei team gets into the IPv6 tests pretty extensively. Huawei uses both the NE40E and ME60 routers in the IPv6 tests, including dual stack and DS Lite scenarios. In fact, Huawei is the only vendor that attended the DS Lite test.

Peng Yuan, Chief IPv6 Solution Architect, Huawei: “Currently, there are two major IPv4 to IPv6 transition technologies. One is dual stack plus NAT444, the other is DS Lite. Operators can select the dual stack technology at the beginning and then introduce NAT equipment at large scale. The DS Lite technology, on the other hand, is quite suitable for operators with no IPv4 address depletion problem, yet its costs are high. An end-to-end IPv6 solution is needed to help operators resolve the IPv4 address depletion issue and make a smooth transition to IPv6.”

Marvin Liu, Senior Marketing Manager, Huawei: “Huawei’s IPv6 solutions have successfully pasted the tests, showing the solutions’ leading capability and interoperability.”