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Digital Inclusion

We believe in using technology to reduce global inequality, bridge the digital divide, and drive the rapid attainment of the SDGs.


Huawei's vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. We want to help everyone benefit from digital technology, and do what we can to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital world. That is why we are promoting digital inclusion with a focus on three priorities: technology, applications, and skills.

First, technology serves as the foundation. Huawei will build a fully connected, intelligent world using innovative technologies in connectivity, computing, AI, cloud, and mobile devices. Second, applications are the key to unlocking inclusion. Huawei will empower ecosystem partners and help developers create customized applications for different regions, communities, industries, and groups. Third, skills provide assurance. Huawei will work with organizations, such as local governments, universities, and communities, to enhance digital skills and develop digital talent for the future.

Huawei does not simply pursue technological advances; we focus on the social value technology creates. To help more people and organizations benefit from digital technology, Huawei launched its digital inclusion initiative and action plan, TECH4ALL. Building on business sustainability, we will make long-term, non-profit investments that ensure the sustainability of digital inclusion.

By working with global partners such as UN agencies, NGOs, research institutes, governments, carriers, and enterprise customers, we will promote digital inclusion by focusing on four high-impact domains: driving equity and quality in education, protecting the environment, enabling inclusion and equity in health, and driving balanced development. At present, we have only made a small step forward. We hope that more individuals and organizations will join the TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative to jointly promote the achievement of the UN's SDGs.

  • 14

    Sign languages supported by StorySign, helping more deaf children learn to read

  • 20,000+

    Children received training on the SmartBus program

  • 938

    Universities covered by the Huawei ICT Academy in 72 countries

Areas of Focus

Driving Equity and Quality in Education

Knowledge and skills are the cornerstone of progress. ICT promotes equal access to education and serves as the building block of developing digital skills. In education, Huawei focuses on four types of programs: skills on wheels, connecting all schools, empowering the unempowered, and building a thriving ICT talent ecosystem.

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Protecting the Environment

The environment that we rely on for survival is deteriorating. Problems like climate change and rising sea levels are threatening the survival and development of humanity and every species on Earth. Our experience in working with environmental protection organizations tells us that ICT can help us better understand and protect nature. From forest monitoring to the protection of endangered species, Huawei is actively seeking to work with more environmental protection organizations and partners. 

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Enabling Inclusion and Equity in Health

Digital technologies will open a new chapter for health and well-being. Equal access to high-quality healthcare makes medical resources more available and lets people live healthier lives. Huawei is committed to working with all parties to use ICT to build a more dynamic and healthy society, from which everyone can benefit.

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Driving Balanced Development

Huawei provides affordable and easy-to-use digital technologies for different application scenarios, especially in regions and industries that are relatively underdeveloped. We aim to eliminate the development gaps between different industries, businesses, regions, and groups through broad collaboration, and provide equal access to digital resources so that they are inclusive to everyone.

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Huawei believes that no one should be left behind in the digital world, so we developed TECH4ALL – our long-term, digital inclusion initiative for using technology, applications and skills to empower people and organizations everywhere.