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WinWin Issue 32 Extra (5G Transport Network)

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Issue 32 Extra

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5G will have a profound effect on the converged transport network

At the 9th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF 2018) in London on November 20, Huawei Rotating Chairman Ken Hu reported that 154 operators in 66 countries are conducting 5G tests and that the large-scale shipment of 5G devices have begun.

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Optimizing the transport network for a better user experience

Operators want to improve user experience and network performance without launching into a time consuming, expensive next generation business and network plan. How can they achieve this?


What is China doing to accelerate 5G transport network deployment?

China has emerged as a leader in the planning, strategies, and technologies for deploying 5G transport networks. Find out how.

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New business models for multi-service 5G transport networks

As the 5G industry matures, 5G will enable the connectivity and digitalization of everything. For operators, this means new ways of doing business, partnerships, and network strategies.

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Private line transformation for media and broadcast services creates a new market for operators

UHD means that TV and media can deliver great opportunities for operators if they choose the right solutions.

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How China Mobile Zhejiang became a pacesetter in 5G transport networks

China Mobile Zhejiang recently completed the largest 5G transport network in China as part of a pilot project in Hangzhou with Huawei. How did it become a leader in the 5G field?

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Tao of Business

The countdown to commercialized operator-provided Cloud VR has begun

Despite growing in popularity, the VR market still faces many problems. For operators, Cloud VR delivered with the right network solutions has much potential – as one Chinese operator is showcasing.

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5G field trials show the power of applications

China Telecom Shenzhen started running its 5G field trials in October 2017 – trials which have provided rich tech and application insights.

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China Unicom Beijing selects 4G IP RAN evolution to build its 5G transport network

For China Unicom Beijing, the ability to commercialize 5G was one of the key factors for determining what pilot solution to use. Find out why 4G IP RAN and 5G co-transport solution came out on top.

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How 5G microwave can fast-track mobile broadband growth in emerging markets

Operators in emerging markets face more challenges when it comes to network construction. Huawei has the answer for 5G when laying optical fiber deployment isn't feasible.