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Brazil Oi's Optical Private Line to Connect Sites Up to 3000 km Apart

Operator is conducting pilot in partnership with Huawei

[Brasilia, Brazil, June 3, 2021] Brazil Oi and Huawei have completed at least three phases of a pilot project to launch optical private line services. They're now preparing to expand the project by creating end-to-end connections up to 3000 km apart.

Speaking at a Brazil operator event on May 27, Alberto Boaventura, Strategy, Technology and Network Architecture Manager at Oi, explained that it had been testing the feasibility of offering optical private lines throughout 2020. It has also already run the second phase of the project, which Huawei's SDN system has the capacity to integrate different vendors.

The third phase of the pilot was carried out at the same time, with a client in the form of a large retail bank. Lower costs and greater stability of communications were identified during the phase. "The fourth phase will involve connections that are 2000–3000 km apart," reported Boaventura.

The manager explained that the quality provided by optical private lines lies in the incredibly high availability of the network, with over 99.99% guaranteed data throughput, physical network isolation, rapid installation and equipment latency within 10 microseconds.

Huawei is participating in the project with a view to growing its cloud services. At an event on Thursday, May 27, Huawei celebrated becoming the fourth most used public cloud in Brazil. Sales in the segment are up 300%. The provider launched a new cloud zone in the country in 2020. In 2021, it will expand its cloud services from 60 to 100, according to Qin Dan, President of Huawei Brazil's Cloud business unit.