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Huawei and Partners Won Several Prizes in the Third "Zhan Fang Cup" 5G Application Contest


[Chongqing, China, September 28, 2020] The finals of the third "Zhan Fang Cup" 5G Application Contest came to a successful conclusion in Chongqing, where a total of 4289 projects were submitted to compete for prizes. Huawei came together with carriers to help industry partners win multiple awards covering smart factory, smart grid, smart campus, smart healthcare, and other industries.

The finals

The finals of the third "Zhan Fang Cup" 5G Application Contest

Among these projects, "Underground 5G Private Network for Coal Mines" launched by China Mobile Shanxi Branch, Yangquan Coal Industry Group, Huawei, China National Coal Association, China Mobile Research Institute (Shanghai), and China Coal Technology and Engineering Group was among the first place winners in the competition. This project is the first 5G smart coal mine in China and encompasses 21 underground 5G base stations, 9 ground 5G base stations, and the MEC platform. 5G promises reliable data security, gigabit uplinks to address underground communications issues, unmanned inspection robots, and other intelligent applications, such as remote control of tunnel boring machines. Each of these 5G applications effectively improve the efficiency and security of mining operations and unlock new revenue potential.

Also of note, is the "5G Smart Grid" project put forward by China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Southern Power Grid, Huawei, China Mobile Guangdong Branch, Digital Power Grid Research Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Guangdong Planning and Design Institute of Telecommunications, and China Mobile Communications Research Institute was also among the first place winners. This project adopts an innovative distributed architecture tailed to meet the security requirements of electric power applications, offers a wide portfolio of services, safeguards power grid security using diverse measures, and supports 24/7, 365 days a year of power grid security monitoring.

Many other prizes were awarded among projects submitted by Huawei, operators, and industry partners. Second prize winners include "5G+MEC Smart Healthcare Project in the Futian District, Shenzhen", "5G LAN Virtual Private Network Practice in Color TV Manufacturing", "5G Virtual Private Network in Haier Campus", and "Alnan Aluminium 5G Smart Factory". Third prize winners include "5G Smart Grid Demonstration Zone" and "Liuzhou Iron&Steel Company 5G+ Smart Factory". The projects that are awarded for excellence include "5G+Network Slicing Boost Digital Transformation of County Integrated Healthcare Organization" and "Commercial Use of 5G+Industrial Internet by CR Cement".

With its promise of high bandwidth, low latency, and easy deployment, and with the help of edge computing, network slicing, and 5G LAN technologies, 5G provides the deterministic capabilities required to fit into different vertical markets, unlocking new opportunities for digitalization.

The "Zhan Fang Cup" 5G Application Contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and is hosted by the CAICT, 5G Application Industry Array, IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, and China Communications Standards Association (CCSA). This contest was held to further promote the commercial implementation of 5G applications and boost high-quality development of the information and communications industry.

In the future, joint efforts between operators, equipment vendors, and industry partners, will inspire more 5G innovation, speeding up the digitalization of all industries.