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Radio Communication Standards
Huawei owns 2,137 basic patents in radio communications, among which 865 relate to LTE/EPC (15% of the total), 778 relate to UMTS (6%), 145 relate to GSM (2%).

General Description

  • Since 2010, Huawei has contributed the most LTE, LTE-A, EPC standards and patents, demonstrating its strong R&D capabilities.
  • Huawei values protecting its own intellectual property rights, while showing respect to all intellectual property (IPR) holders in the industry.
  • Huawei has filed over 57,800 patent applications in China, U.S., Japan, European Union, South Korea, and Brazil, as well as other countries and districts, of which approximately 15000 are in the area of wireless communications.
  • Huawei has 2,137 essential patents in the area of wireless communications. In the light of ETSI IPR Policy, Huawei has declared 865 essential patents in LTE/EPC, holding about 15% of all essential patents related to LTE/EPC standard; 778 essential patents in UMTS, holding 6% of all essential patents related to UMTS standard; and 145 essential patents GSM, holding 2% of all essential patents related to GSM standard.
  • 300+ standard researchers working in the area of wireless communications.
  • In the area of wireless communications, Huawei has submitted approximately 20,009 proposals to international standard organizations such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, ITU-R, IETF, WiMAX Forum, IEEE and other primary international standard organizations, 40% of which have been adopted.
  • Huawei's experts have served in at least 90 key roles in international standard organizations such as chairman, vice chairman, board member, chairman of working group, and Rapporteur. Huawei employees currently hold the position of Vice Chairman at 3GPP RAN2, RAN3 and RAN4, Vice Chairman at 3GPP GERAN, Vice Chairman at 3GPP SA, Vice Chairman at 3GPP SA2, Chairman at 3GPP SA5, Chairman at 3GPP CT1, Chairman at WWRF, WFA Network Power Save TTG and IEEE 802.11ac TG, Vice Chairman at ITU-R SG5 and WFA VHT5G TTG etc.
  • Huawei received awards for "Best Contribution to R&D (research and development) for LTE" and "Best Contribution to LTE Standards“ at LTE North America Awards 2011. Huawei's work in LTE standards and R&D has gained increasing recognition in recent years. In 2010, the company received two LTE Innovation and Commercialization Awards at the LTE World Summit and the "Best Contribution to LTE R&D" Award at LTE North America. These awards underscore Huawei's leadership in the LTE industry and in standardization efforts.
  • Huawei has signed cross-license agreements with all major IPR holders in the wireless industry, including Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Qualcomm, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Sisvel etc.
  • Huawei has participated in 100% of formulation works for wireless standards in China and leads 80% of formulation works for wireless standards in China.


  • As of 2012Q3, Huawei has submitted 11,097 LTE/EPC contributions to 3GPP, including 386 approved contributions of LTE Core Specification (RAN1-RAN3) since 2010, about 20% of total number. Huawei is the leading contributor and ranking No.1 in the industry.
  • Since 2011, Huawei has submitted 2,019 EPC contributions to 3GPP SA/CT and got 1,322 EPC contributions approved, ranking No.1 in the industry.


  • During the Rel-10, Rel-11 and Rel-12 LTE-A 3GPP standardization, Huawei served as rapporteur in 8 key research topics, including AAS, MTC, UL CoMP, UL MIMO, MSR, MBMS and Small Cell Enhancement.

Pioneering LTE Technology Innovation

  • Serving Huawei's ”No-Edge Network” concept, Huawei proposes LTE-HI (LTE Hotspot&Indoor Improvement) scheme which enhance the hotspot&indoor capacity based on high frequency band and MSA (Multi-Stream Aggregation), which the data can be sent from multi-lays and multi-cells; users can always have good experience wherever and whenever they are.