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The Simple Transformation for Core Network Evolution

Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Convergent Communications Product Line, discusses the latest trends in core networking and Huawei convergent communications both in terms of changing business strategies and future growth.

Huawei has ample experience in all three key telco domains (IP, fixed and mobile) and its strategy of fixed-mobile convergence based on All-IP architecture is ideally suited to its customer strategies already in place. Based on this strategy of convergence, Huawei has made a variety of changes, such as combining the mobile soft switch and IMS business units into one that supports convergent communications.

This shift in business strategy has had a great impact on Huawei’s core network strategy, as convergence is now significantly more complicated. Therefore, Huawei does not merely focus on technological innovation; it also works in areas such as business consultation and integration.

Huawei will keep integrating its convergence and customer strategies for the foreseeable future, as the company has deemed business success its top priority. This will bring developments in technology, platforms, and solutions into alignment; they will be both flexible and well tailored to the needs of the customer, not just advancements for the sake of advancing.

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Issue 75(05/2015)