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US Rural Operators Find Huawei a Perfect Fit

Huawei's solutions bring great value to US customers, especially to some of the smaller operators -- a deep commitment to bridging the digital divide in the U.S.

While major cities in the U.S. are humming with high-speed data exchanges, out of the latest telecom innovations delivered through robust network infrastructure in mobile broadband connectivity, connectivity in small towns and far-off places is a big problem. In recent years, a growing technology gap between American’s urban and rural areas has emerged.

Smaller carriers, especially those operating in rural America, have some real challenges, such as interoperability, device exclusivity, and access to spectrum, according to Steven Berry, President at Rural Cellular Association (RCA).

As a leading provider, Huawei takes a customer-centric approach in providing innovative services to one third of the world’s population in over 140 countries. In U.S., Huawei solutions provide lower total cost of ownership, future-proof technologies, faster deployment and simpler maintenance, allowing rural operators to develop robust networks. Typically, rural carriers are encumbered with high-cost infrastructure needed to deliver mobile broadband connectivity to their service areas. That’s why U.S. rural operators find Huawei a perfect fit for building out their networks. Mike Jaksich, CTO of SI Wireless/Mobile Nation, and Jerry Whisenhunt, G.M. of Pine Celluar talk to us about the details.

Issue 23(08/2015)