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Mobile IoT Increases Belgians’ Love of Cycling

As one of the most populous countries in Europe, Belgium faces long-term challenges from traffic congestion which causes pollution and driver frustration. To address this, the government is committed to promoting the concept of ‘going green by bike’, supported by the construction of bicycle highways and the execution of an innovative tax reduction plan for cyclists, such as a program to refund €0.15 tax per kilometer journey. Right now, bicycle use is 8% of Belgium’s national transportation and Mobile Internet of Things (IoT) is set to play a vital role in encouraging more people to take up cycling.

Carrier Orange Belgium has partnered with Huawei and Sensinxs to embed wireless technology in all bikes in Flanders as a pilot project. With the wireless technology, all cyclists’ riding data can be automatically consolidated that minimize the inconvenience caused by the manual reporting system, which highly motivate the participation of the public. The bike IoT network also enables real-time location monitoring anytime and anywhere, even in indoor environments, which helps to prevent bikes from being lost. Currently, the IoT of Orange Belgium has covered the whole country with additional smart city services, for instance smart parking, smart water and electricity metering.

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