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A System Enabling Technology Buyers to Make the Right Choices

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All-encompassing connectivity is revolutionising our lifestyles. This revolution holds a wealth of opportunities, but also a new challenge to global security. Faced with complex requirements and risks, how can we make the right choices? At Huawei, we have developed a system enabling technology buyers to make informed decisions by asking the right questions.

It spells out the 11 top security requirements for ICT vendors:

1、Strategy, Governance & Control: A company-wide cyber security strategy involving everything and everyone.

2、Standards & Processes: Security standards and processes that are repeatable, globally applicable and constantly updated.

3、Laws and Regulation: Full compliance with laws and regulations, whatever the business location.

4、Human Resources: Preventive measures providing safeguards against human error.

5、Research & Development: Robust R&D processes delivering products that have security built in, rather than bolted on.

6、Validation: Assume nothing, believe nobody and Check everything. Risk mitigation through a ‘many hands and many eyes’ approach.

7、Third Party Supplier Management: Rules requiring third parties to apply security mechanisms across the global supply chain.

8、Manufacturing: Validation at every step of manufacturing and shipment, to prevent and close loopholes further down the production line.

9、Delivering Services Securely: Guidelines for safe and secure installation and maintenance of equipment.

10、Issue, Defect & Vulnerability Resolution: A plan for the worst-case scenario limiting impact and building resilience.

11、Audit: Rigorous audits ensuring that good intentions are translated into a system that works in practice.

Huawei’s end-to-end security system covers each of the 11 key aspects. As a leading global ICT vendor, we are passionate about securing our common digital future.

To achieve this, we must work together across global boundaries.

Let’s build a better connected world.

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