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Issue 35

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VIP Interview

Sunrise prioritizes new applications after launching Europe’s first 5G network

After becoming the first European company to launch 5G, Sunrise former CEO Olaf Swantee explains how developing applications is the key to 5G uptake in the Swiss market.


5G, Gear Up

Huawei Deputy Chairman Ken Hu explains that to make the most of 5G, we must overcome three major challenges in spectrum, site resources, and cross-sector collaboration.

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Making 5G a commercial success

Huawei's Ryan Ding explains the steps that carriers need to take with 5G to succeed in the B2B and B2C markets.

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5G network benchmarks: Fast, efficient, intelligent

Huawei's Edward Deng explains why new capabilities in software algorithms are equally as important as powerful hardware capabilities to enable 5G to flourish.


Four Key Takeaways from Global Connectivity Index 2019

Huawei ICT Infrastructure CMO Kevin Zhang explains how Huawei's Global Connectivity Index 2019 evolves the concept of Intelligent Connectivity and outlines the key takeaways of the report.

Tao of Business

What connectivity means for digital inclusion

A key message at the 2019 Mobile Broadband Forum was the need for operators, regulators, and partners to collaborate on digital inclusion so that everyone, everywhere can benefit from technology.

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Tao of Business

Painting networks green with end-to-end 5G

With more than 50 operators already having launched 5G networks, one of the key messages at the 2019 Mobile Broadband Forum was how the 5G-powered digital economy must be green.

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Tao of Business

Shaping the future with 5G rollout

5G rollout is driving a massive digital revolution and boosting the global economy. For telcos, gearing up with 5G is the key to succeeding in the future digital society.Here's how they can do that.


Leaving no one behind with Fixed Wireless Access

Connectivity is a vital part of digital inclusion, but with less than 60 percent of the world’s population able to access the Internet as of June 2019, there’s still some way to go. Here's how FWA can bridge the gap.

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How China’s 5G launch will drive the global 5G industry

The big three Chinese operators launched 5G services on October 31, 2019, instantly becoming global 5G leaders with nearly 10 million advance orders. Here's how their success will turbo-charge global deployment.

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Open Site: 5G for society, society for 5G

Collaboration is the key to success. Here's how the Open Site initiative is bringing stakeholders together to pioneer a brighter future for all by creating collaborative site ecosystems.


MBBF 2019 throws spotlight on 5G use cases

5G networks are already having a transformational impact on several industries. Read more about some of the cases explored at the 2019 Mobile Broadband Forum.


Living on to build an intelligent future

2019 marked the first year of commercial 5G adoption in South Korea. In this issue of WinWin, we explore the latest trends and impact of this game-changing technology.