RingShow stacks up micro-video wins for carriers

2018.06.06 By Liu Meiyuan, Guo Jun

The development of network technologies means that an increasing number of carriers have deployed 4G networks and that global VoLTE network construction has accelerated. According to GSMA, 127 global carriers had commercially launched VoLTE HD voice service in 63 countries as of March 2018. How can carriers generate new revenue streams from this trend?

The commercial use of VoLTE is a good opportunity for carriers to add to their VAS repertoire, with now being the right time to innovate services to drive VoLTE penetration and monetize the value they add.

Based on native VoLTE communication, Huawei’s video ring back tone RingShow is the evolution of audio RBT. Before answering a voice or video call on a VoLTE network, a video will play, which then disappears when the call is answered, delivering a new video experience for users and adding monetization capabilities to VoLTE.

RingShow users can select videos from the carrier's video library, create their own, or upload videos from their own libraries. Different RingShow video content can be played for different calling parties during different time segments.

Usage Scenarios

Individual service: For individual users, RingShow provides a personal entertainment media platform that gives users more room for self-expression and the chance to spread positive vibes. Carriers can aggregate rich video content, DIY video tools, and OTT channels to provide users with a personal display platform and seamless sharing experience.

Enterprise and advertising services: RingShow’s digital media platform provides a marketing and advertising platform for enterprises to get their message out. During work hours companies can set videos with core messaging like brand culture, marketing events, customer care, and service navigation content, and thus create brand ambassadors.

For advertisers, RingShow is a highly efficient advertising platform that supports wide coverage and precise push mechanics. There are multiple RingShow ad modes, including floating, inserted, and full. Advertisers can use the RingShow platform for brand and product promotions, while carriers can obtain advertising revenue in a reverse business mode. RingShow ad users can receive call fees or data traffic from carriers as a reward.

By raising the VoLTE experience, RingShow can help drive VoLTE penetration and, for carriers, create the impetus to develop mobile video under a VoLTE and video strategy.

What's new?

New experience: delivers a fresh and innovative experience. RingShow is a distinctive service with a differentiated experience that boosts communication, loyalty, and carriers' digital brand image.

New revenue: applies carriers' native communication capabilities to fill mobile communication pipes. The information transmission rate is 100 percent, making full use of the golden 15 seconds before a call and monetizing data traffic. The service expands the revenue of new markets created for individuals, enterprises, ads, and micro-video communication.

New ecosystem: represents a unique distribution and monetization channel for the video industry, a core control point, and important foothold for carriers to integrate the video ecosystem. It’s also an excellent opportunity for a large number of partners to build a carrier-owned micro-video ecosystem.

Case Study: China Mobile

Over 10 years, China Mobile’s audio RBT service has attracted 400 million RBT users and is now its main VAS, allowing the operator to introduce music into the industry chain. With VoLTE running in 29 provinces, China mobile had 200 million VoLTE users as of 2017. On the VoLTE network, China Mobile upgraded its RBT service to provide the Video RBT service.

China Mobile and Huawei jointly established the operator’s Video RBT service standards, designed the technical solution design, built the platform, and provisioned services.

In June 2017, China Mobile released China Mobile 4G+ Mobile Phone White Paper, specifying that China Mobile 4G+ mobile phones would support the Video RBT service from October 1, 2017.

In July 2017, China Mobile Yunnan partnered with Huawei to launch the Video RBT service, resulting in the world's first commercial Video RBT service use trial.

In March 2018, China Mobile's Video RBT service was launched in 29 provinces, with Migu Music app, H5, and WWW providing the Video RBT experience zone.

In the near future, Video RBT will be as widely used as audio RBT – and China Mobile will be running the world's largest micro-video ecosystem.