Unfold the map to a fully connected, intelligent world

2018.06.06 By Willam Xu, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Huawei

In 1968 scientists and scholars met in New York to predict what the world would be like in 2018. Some predictions were wild, others were surprisingly accurate. But one that was consistently on the mark was connectivity: a “universality of telephony” supported by massive information networks comprising fiber optics and satellite communication accessed through pocket devices.

Enabled by ICT and AI, the fourth industrial revolution will take connectivity to the next level, leading society into an intelligent world where everything senses, everything is connected, and everything is smart.

In this new world, AI will be a general-purpose technology and ICT will create the rich soil in which industries can continually innovate. The convergence of 5G, cloud, data intelligence, IoT, AI, and video will create enormous value for individuals, home life, and business.

In 2025, 40 billion smart devices that sense and 100 billion connections will shatter information silos, enabling the faster, more secure, and smarter exchange of data.

The integration of the physical and digital worlds means that the experiences of individuals and households will change. Organizations will adopt data-driven growth models and cities will discover new springboards for leapfrog development. But the future is unknown: How should upstream and downstream ICT industries seize the opportunities of the intelligent world?

Huawei will bring digital to every person, home, and organization to build a fully connected, intelligent world. By focusing on ICT infrastructure and smart devices, the soil we provide will be rich with information-based, automated, and intelligent potential. Our partners and customers will be able to grow the content, applications, and clouds that serve individuals, homes, and organizations.

Better connections: More connections and bigger pipes will harness the advantages of 5G and cloud-and-network synergy and enable the digital transformation of every industry.

Better business growth: Maximizing network value plus video and IoT services will create new business growth.

Better experiences: Business agility for smart and efficient operations through digital O&M will provide a ROADS experience for users.

But, we need to unfold the map now to avoid heading in the wrong direction. Together, we can walk farther. Together, we can reach the fully connected, intelligent world.