Malaysia: a pioneering digital economy builder

The Malaysian government is very aware of the importance of the digital economy. In 2016, the digital economy generated 17% of Malaysia's GDP, making Malaysia a model for other countries to follow. Malaysia's impressive digital performance comes from its active government and policy support for ICT. The government has realized that digital dividends must be shared among all citizens if they are to drive real economic growth and boost the country's competitiveness. In 2008, the Malaysian government officially launched the High Speed Broadband initiative, part of the National Broadband Initiative. It worked with the private sector, introducing a public-private partnership model, partnering widely, and sharing the risks and the benefits with its partners. Malaysia's investment and focus on ICT infrastructure has paid off. By 2014, the economy had grown 64%. It has been one of the fastest-growing economies since the financial crisis, and in the process it has created 100,000 new jobs.