Innovative Industry OptiX Solution

Innovative industrial Internet networking technologies accelerate digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises

Solution Overview

Industrial OptiX is a general term for optical communication technologies based on hard pipes, such as industrial OTN, industrial optical ring network, and industrial optical bus. It provides enterprises with convenient, efficient, and reliable network hard connections and deterministic data interworking capabilities. An all-optical network is deployed to connect the industrial production, environment monitoring, and information management mechanisms, simplifying the network architecture as well as network deployment and management.

Based on the operating conditions of industrial networks, the Industry OptiX solution uses traditional optical communication technologies, makes devices compatible with multiple protocols, and supports unattended device management and control to bring the following benefits to the industrial field:

Industrial OptiX

  • Unattended operation and management capabilities

  • Flexible and convenient network deployment

  • Open and scalable network

  • Standardized devices and interfaces

  • Network localization

  • Compatible with multiple protocols