Communications Network 2030

Future networks won't just connect billions of people; they will connect hundreds of billions of things. We envision those connections as being supported by green and cubic broadband networks that are AI-native, secure, trustworthy, and capable of providing deterministic experiences and HCS.
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Internet of everything to intelligent internet of everything: Ever-growing network requirements

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There will be 200 billion connections worldwide. IPv6 adoption will reach 90%

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The average monthly data use on wireless cellular networks per person will increase by 40-fold to 600 GB

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Gigabit or higher fiber broadband household penetration are expected to increase by 50-fold to reach 55%

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The average monthly fixed network data usage per household is forecast to increase by 8-fold to 1.3 TB

Defining Features

Cubic broadband networks provide ubiquitous intelligent connections

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Cubic broadband network

  • Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network: Seamless and Continuous Broadband Experience.

  • 10-Gigabit Connectivity for Individuals, Homes, and Organizations.

  • All-terabit Network: Access, Backbone, and DCN.

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Deterministic Experience

  • 100 ms, 10 ms, and 1 ms Latency Assurance for Differentiated Service Requirements.

  • End-to-end Slicing: Logical Private Networks and Services That Are More Adaptable to Vertical Industries.

  • 99.999% Availability for Industry Production Control Systems to Enable Enterprises to Migrate All Systems to the Cloud.

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  • Autonomous Driving Network (ADN): Continuously Evolving Toward L4/ L5 Advanced Intelligence.

  • AI-Native Edge: Reconstructing the Intelligent Edge with Cloud Native and AI Technologies.

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A New Area Emerging from Communications Technologies

  • Wireless sensing

  • Wi-Fi sensing

  • Optical sensing

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Security and Trustworthiness

A Six-Layer Framework for a New Security Foundation

  • Equipment security, connectivity security, and management security fall under network security.

  • Component trustworthiness, data trustworthiness, and federated trustworthiness fall in the trustworthiness realm.

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Green and Low-carbon

  • Simplified Architecture: Low Carbon Realized by Simplifying Foundation, Cloud, and Computing Networks.

  • Optoelectronic Integration: Profoundly Changing the Architecture and Energy Efficiency of Communications Network Equipment.

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