Open ROADS to a Better Connected World

2015.05.01 By William Xu


A Better Connected World is now at hand. Countries are enhancing connectivity between the physical and the digital worlds in pursuit of mutual growth. Industries are using ICT to break down barriers and engage in joint innovation. Enterprises are using ICT to reconstruct end-to-end R&D, production, sales, and service processes.

Huawei is a key player and driver of the ICT industry. We will tap into our innovative technologies, pool global resources, and collaborate with customers and partners to assist carriers' and enterprises' ICT transformations. With keen insights into the ICT industry, strong ICT planning capabilities, and global experience, we can help every country achieve digital transformation.

Now that ICT is increasingly significant to life and work, how can we evaluate ICT development in countries and industries? At last year's Huawei Cloud Congress, we published the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) for the first time. The GCI provides a comprehensive system for evaluating ICT development from four dimensions: supply, demand, experience, and potential. It was the first comprehensive and objective evaluation of connectivity in 25 countries and 10 industries.

This year, we conducted more extensive research. We increased the number of evaluated countries to 50, which account for 78% of the world's population and 90% of global GDP. We also increased the number of indicators from 16 to 38, which relate to four dimensions. In our research we looked at ICT connections rather than just CT connections. With these indicators, the GCI is able to fully reflect the benefits that ICT brings to digital economies.

GCI findings show that a 20% increase in ICT investment will directly increase a country's GDP by approximately 1%. And this calculation does not include the indirect contributions of ICT to GDP. We estimate that by 2025 there will be 100 billion connections, of which 55% will be business-related. ICT has great potential to transform traditional industries and create immense opportunities.

What kind of experience do end users want most? At Huawei we believe a superior user experience can be summarized by several words. First, "Real-time" – users will enjoy zero-wait time enabled by sufficient bandwidth. Second, "On-demand" – users will be able to freely use whatever services they want. Third, "All-online" – devices will be online all the time. Fourth, "DIY" – users will be able to tailor their services, apps, and network requirements. Fifth, "Social" – social networks are part of life. Together, these words spell "ROADS". This is our vision for the future, and also a strategy to guide our actions. The ROADS concept represents "open roads" and is the direction that industries will take during their Internet transformations.

A Better Connected World is waiting. No single company will be able to meet the needs of diverse scenarios in a world of 100 billion connections. Open cooperation and joint innovation will be our way forward.

Let's remain open and work together to build a Better Connected World!


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