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Communicate Issue 71

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Issue 71

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Mobile reading

Looking Ahead

Coming soon: 1Gbps over copper

FTTH is rarely viable in the brownfield, but technology will soon arrive to deliver a comparable bandwidth over copper.

Looking Ahead

Beyond NG-PON2: A more flexible future

PON bandwdith has increased immensely, but telco concerns expanding to its efficient utilization, VAS and ROI.

Looking Ahead

GTI facilitates TDD development

The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) sees spectrum block size & harmonization, device & chipset support, and new applications as the three areas that will decide LTE TDD's future.

Thinking Big

National broadband: A complex undertaking

Public-private partnership (PPP), supplemented with a few well timed carrots & sticks from government, are needed for NBN to really take hold.


U2BB: The infrastructure of a better connected world

Ubiquitous ultra-broadband is imperative in the 21st century, and though it may sound daunting, there are paths for operators to follow, according to Zha Jun, President of Huawei Fixed Network Business Unit.

Thinking Big

MBB & FBB: The future isn’t “either/or”

Telcos need to synergize their fixed and mobile infrastructure if they wish to stay out of the dumb pipe trap.

Thinking Big

U2BB: Connecting our digital society

Heterogenous access networking (HetAN) is absolutely necessary if telcos are to profit from ubiquitous ultra-broadband (U2BB).

Thinking Big

Unlocking the potential of DOCSIS through D-CMTS

D-CMTS can help telcos take advantage of the pay-TV deregulation unfolding now in the developing world.

Focusing In

iODN: Fiber resource management smartens up

Paper labels make traditional ODN a half-realized technology, but an intelligent solution is on the way.

Focusing In

Getting ready for iODN

iODN is not a plug & play technology. Most telcos will need to do some prep work.

Focusing In

Rostelecom: Thin coverage through iODN

iODN has enabled Rostelecom to roll out thin coverage over its fiber network, making for a 32.5% reduction in CAPEX for FTTH.

Connecting Better

FTTO: High-quality broadband access for SMEs

Fiber to the office (FTTO) enables businesses to share ODN infrastructure, making it an effective solution for SOHO and SME customers.

Connecting Better

Cloud Fabric improves networking efficiency in the IDC

Cloud Fabric can better handle the increased east-west data traffic of today IDCs.

Connecting Better

HetAN: An alternative to smallcell backhaul

Small cells are an inelegant solution for backhaul. Heterogenous access networking (HetAN) provides an alternative.

Connecting Better

FTTD: Gigabit access without having to knock

Fiber to the door (FTTD) can deliver ultra-broadband access to the home, without even having to knock.