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Communicate Issue 70

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Issue 70

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Mobile reading

Pipe Operations

QoS-based policy charging: The key to MBB monetization

With modern telco, QoS policy management is no longer a mere network function but a key component of business support and operation that drives differentiation and revenue management.

Pipe Operations

IMS: Transformation & diversification

Transformation is the new norm in telco, but this baseline will not be as easy as what came before. IMS can help with simplified network structure, reduced TCO and multimedia service convergence.

Pipe Operations

China Telecom: Telco exposure through IMS

China Telecom Fujian is leveraging IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture for telco resource exposure, bringing an innovative future within reach.

IT Infrastructure

OceanStor HVS: Flexible storage for tomorrow’s telco

Featuring innovative architecture, sound performance, convenient deployment, and turnkey delivery, OceanStor HVS ensures storage scalability at reduced management cost.


Transformation in the digital economy

Zhang Pingan, President of Huawei Carrier Software & Core Network: As enablers of the digital economy, telcos are becoming value-chain integrators, but challenges remain.

IT Infrastructure

Ensuring customer experience across the public cloud

Public cloud is still nascent, with the most noteworthy developments in the pipeline. Huawei is working towards a cohesive and integrated portfolio of solutions across the entire cloud ecosystem.

IT Infrastructure

Tecal E9000: Converged infrastructure platform

Huawei's Tecal E9000 is an advanced blade server that integrates computing, storage, switching, and management, forming a powerful converged infrastructure platform for high-end applications.

IT Infrastructure

Huawei UDS enables a new magnitude of storage

If consumers need a terabyte of storage just to handle their smartphone photos, just imagine what operators need. This is where Huawei comes in with UDS.

Mobile Broadband

MSA: A key technology for the evolution of future wireless networks

Multi-stream aggregation (MSA) leverages centralized integration of multiple RATs, carriers and intra-carrier ports to improve cell-edge throughput by up to 500%.

Mobile Broadband

Dual-layer coordination smooths the edges off LTE

Mobile apps and MBB subscribers are ballooning, but a No-Edge Network can ensure LTE service consistency and an optimal user experience.

Mobile Broadband

1800MHz: The key to LTE worldwide

Given its worldwide commercial utilization and relatively ample spectrum resources, the 1800MHz frequency band is considered the prime option for LTE international roaming.

Fixed Broadband

Swisscom: Boosting the fiber roadmap with innovative technologies

Swisscom is employing a mix of technologies, especially fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the street (FTTS), Vectoring, and other future-oriented measures, to meet customers’ evolving demands.

Fixed Broadband

Beyond 100G: The glass is heating up

Recent Internet and network traffic booms suggest that 400G will soon prove inadequate, making terabit-range transmission imperative; this represents a huge challenge for optical transport.

Fixed Broadband

China Unicom Yunnan: Convergent optical/copper O&M

China Unicom Yunnan has launched a convergent copper/optical O&M platform that helped innovate the operator’s O&M processes and significantly enhance O&M efficiency for both copper and fiber.