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Italy: Fighting COVID-19 Together, Giving Technology a "Human Touch"

In February 2020, COVID-19 began to spread rapidly across Italy. Italian hospitals and regional governments were confronted with unprecedented pressure and challenges. At that critical moment, Huawei worked with partners to provide pandemic prevention supplies, digital devices, and other assistance to Italian regional governments, hospitals, and communities. We showed our care for the Italian people and stood with them to weather the challenging time together.

community responsibility

Experts from Italian and Chinese hospitals discussing COVID-19 prevention and control using Huawei's videoconferencing system

Donation of Materials

As the virus spread rapidly in Italy, basic healthcare supplies were in serious shortage. Huawei donated supplies to the Civil Protection Department, a number of regional governments, hospitals, and partners responsible for the operation of Italy's infrastructure, to help protect the health and safety of local residents.

Healthcare Service Support

The COVID-19 pandemic also put heavy pressure on local healthcare resources, and all hospitals were quickly overwhelmed. To help hospitals diagnose and communicate with patients more efficiently, and to cut the workload of medical staff, Huawei donated videoconferencing systems, network gateways, and AI-powered diagnostic equipment to many hospitals across Italy. Huawei also supported online meetings between Chinese and Italian hospitals so that they could discuss their respective experience with the disease.

More than Medical Care

People in the pandemic particularly need warmth and care from others. Together with our partners, Huawei donated electronic devices to critically ill patients and locals who were quarantined at home so they could better communicate with their families and friends even though they were physically separated. This gave technology a human touch. Huawei also sponsored the online charity concert The Heart of Jazz, held by the Italian Red Cross. The concert paid tribute to people working on the front lines against COVID-19, and collected donations to support them. It was broadcast live in 11 countries across Europe.