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Protecting Employee Safety Through Targeted Pandemic Prevention and Control Measures

In 2021 as the pandemic continued, Huawei adopted more scientific pandemic prevention and targeted control measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees worldwide. These measures include:

  • Rapid nucleic acid tests: Mobilized resources and set up fast channels to provide rapid nucleic acid testing for employees.
  • Vaccination: Obtained vaccines (including boosters) from multiple channels to ensure that employees could be fully vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • Campus entry management: Limited campus entry using an entry pass system to ensure employee safety on campus.
  • Disinfection: Fully disinfected company workplaces and living environments using new anti-pandemic tools.
  • Communication and training: Communicated pandemic prevention strategies and plans through multiple means (e.g., text, video, cloud classes, and WeLink meetings), and provided targeted training for employees working in different scenarios to strengthen protection requirements.
  • Healthcare: Organized activities to help ensure the health of employees, such as health week events, psychological counseling, and cloud-based sports competitions. We also helped employees on overseas assignments return home safely as this became especially difficult during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, Huawei employees have remained dedicated to maintaining the company's operations and creating value for society.

Scientific prevention

Scientific prevention and targeted control measures to ensure health and safety of employees