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Employee Training and Development

Huawei offers two distinct career paths for employees: the manager path and the expert path. Employees can choose either path or switch between them to find the right job. Huawei also provides systematic training programs for employees at different stages of their careers. For new employees, there are programs for New Employee Orientation (NEO), mentorship, and position-specific training. These programs help new employees get to know the company better, learn the skills they need, adapt to their new roles, and quickly grow. As they work their way up, employees are offered places in programs that help them hone their expertise and management skills. We believe that the brightest minds can develop even brighter ones. All of our training program lecturers are managers and experts in their own fields. We believe in learning through practice and practicing what we learn. This philosophy drives our training and practice sessions to enable individual growth.

In 2021, we offered a wide arrange of new resources to employees through our i-Learning platform. Employees across the company spent an average of 47 hours in training sessions in 2021 and a total of 15,964 Huawei employees served as part-time trainers and lecturers, contributing to employee upskilling.

Improving NEO to Help New Employees Grow Faster

Huawei's NEO is an important program designed to shape and pass on the company's culture and core values. NEO helps new employees integrate into the company and grow quickly.

This year also saw the start of new innovations to improve existing courses.

  • A new three-phase training program that facilitates employee integration: Before assuming their roles, new employees learn about our corporate culture and the knowledge and skills required for their positions on a dedicated study platform. After NEO, new employees are also given access to a designated learning community that helps them learn position-essential skills so that they can better integrate into their teams.
  • Sharing real-world challenges to drive interest: Huawei strongly encourages bright minds to utilize their expertise to solve real-world business challenges. Over the past two years, we have identified pressing challenges in various business domains, and we have dedicated NEO courses on sharing these challenges with new employees. This is part of Huawei's broader strategy of engaging bright minds from around the world to tackle real-world challenges.
  • A dedicated learning platform for global hires: A new learning platform has been launched to facilitate the onboarding of new employees outside China. This platform currently offers 57 English courses, including courses on corporate culture and common workplace skills. In 2021, over 4,000 newly onboarded employees used this platform.

iLearning Morning Express: One Carefully Selected Course for Employees to Study Every Day

i-Learning is Huawei's digital learning platform. In 2021, i-Learning began its transition from a learning management platform to a learning experience system, to provide easy-to-use services that precisely reach the right target audiences. i-Learning aims to become an open learning platform that supports more scenarios and helps employees worldwide learn the skills they need anytime and anywhere.

By the end of 2021, i-Learning had provided more than 30,000 courses and quizzes, growing employee knowledge and skillsets. The only problem is that employees may have trouble choosing the right course, with so many available for different subjects.

To solve this problem, the i-Learning operations team launched the "i-Learning Morning Express", which selects one course every day from more than 10,000 courses and extracts the key points from the course into a 10-minute audio clip. At 6 a.m. every work day, the i-Learning Morning Express is pushed to Huawei employees worldwide, covering many different domains like business, management, technology, industry insight, and self-improvement. Throughout 2021, the i-Learning Morning Express delivered 168 clips and recommended 132 courses to over 45,000 Huawei employees.