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Environmental Protection

Contributing to a clean, efficient, low-carbon, and circular
Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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Many business leaders around the world have realized that climate change and environmental degradation represent a significant new source of risk and opportunity in their business competitiveness and development. Many companies have joined initiatives and actions that address climate change. For example, many businesses have signed up to the Climate Pledge and are working to increase their energy efficiency, use renewable energy, reduce waste, and share relevant tools, methods, and best practices. Though different industries have different practices, there is now a growing consensus among businesses and consumers that we need to produce and consume responsibly.


of our top 100 suppliers set targets for reducing carbon emissions

220 million

kWh of the electricity we used in China came from renewable energy sources, equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by 188,000 tons


less carbon emissions per million RMB of sales revenue over the base year (2012)


tons of smart device e-waste processed by our own recycling stations