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Communicate Issue 83

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Issue 83

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Tackling uncertainties with All-Cloud Network

The intelligent world is driving the digital transformation of every industry. In this new world, telcos face an array of uncertainties. All-Cloud Network provides a way out.


Constructing an All-Cloud Network

In a world of quickly changing cloud services, evolving your network to cloud must be business-driven. All Cloud is the answer.


Get strong, fast and agile with Cloud Native

Cloud Native telco networks can shift focus from infrastructure to services and experience. Find out how.


Why you should become a CloudFAN

Smart homes are a new growth point for operators. But, with more home devices accessing more services on the Internet, there's a new bottleneck: WiFi. CloudFAN is the solution.


Mobilize your spectrum boundaries with All-Cloud

By 2025, 8.5 billion connections and 30G of traffic per user per day will swamp networks. With resources scarce, the answer for sharing spectrum, power and channels is in the clouds.


Securing NFV the smart way

The security and frequency of cyber attacks are increasing, comprosing the potential of NFV. But, there is a way out.


Drilling down to the core of 5G evolution

Leading telcos will start rolling out 5G networks in 2018. How they evolve their core networks will depend on service development. There are two possible paths and two phases ahead of them.

How to operate

Henan Unicom gets enterprising with distributed cloud data centers

Distributed DCs and reusing equipment rooms are the key to Henan Unicom's B2B gains and cloud transformation with Huawei. Find out more.

How to operate

A cloudy view from the fragrant harbor

In Hong Kong, where mobile penetration is 230%, site costs come at a premium and service expectations are high. China Mobile Hong Kong brought its A game to cloud transformation. Here's how.


CloudMetro brings certainty to an uncertain future

In the uncertain world of digital transformation, CloudMetro is smart, flexible, and can slice up networks to meet differentiated SLAs. Here's how.


CloudBackbone does the heavy lifting

Legacy networks can't cope with fast-moving cloud services. CloudBackbone is the answer for fast TTM, network slicing, lower TCM and more. Find out what it can do.


A clear transport vision with CloudOptiX

The optical network market will be worth US$19 bn by 2021 but pipe traffic will increase sixfold. Huawei CloudOptix is the OTN solution with an eye on how you can succeed in the future.


Achieve new growth with CloudCampus

Digitization is forcing enterprises and industries to adapt to a new economic paradigm. But, you need efficient networks to thrive. Find out how you can cut TCO by 80%.


Why your leased line service needs CloudEPN

Traditionally 80% of enterprise services were carried on LAN and 20% on WAN. The cloud has reversed these figures and your WAN needs a solution.