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Sailing vertically into the new blue ocean

2017.02.17 By Zou Zhilei, President of Carrier BG, Huawei

It’s been 156 years since James Watt invented the steam engine. Today, evidence of humanity's technological triumphs can be found in all corners of the world: from the tallest peaks to the deepest oceans, in the forms of roads, bridges, buildings, and other amazing physical legacies of human ingenuity. 

Digitization is sweeping the globe at an increasing pace thanks to continual advances in IT, and every vertical industry is jumping aboard this new wave.

The communications industry has gone through three main phases of development. During its birth, the goal was to meet people's basic communications needs and expand the demographic dividend through access. Next, the Internet became pervasive thanks to communications networks, which quickly gave rise to the OTT applications that are flourishing across the planet today. In this second phase, the main goal was to expand the data dividend. In the future, IT will transform society and stimulate the digital transformation of all vertical industries. A huge market will be created and operators will play a crucial role as the cornerstone of global digital transformation.

There will of course be both challenges and opportunities. When moving into vertical markets, operators have to forge ecosystems and flexible business models that quickly respond to the market. But, their ability to do so is dependent on the strengths of their networks. After a century of existence, telecom networks face the momentous task of supporting transformation into a digital society. This will require reawakening their power with agile, intelligent infrastructure and operator platforms that position services like video, IoT, and cloud as new basic network services.

Huawei anticipated the trends of the information industry back in 2012 with its next-gen network strategy SoftCOM (Software-Defined Telecom Network). Based on All Cloud architecture and the latest SDN, NFV, and cloud tech, SoftCOM helps operators cloudify services, operations, networks, and hardware. It lets them centrally control and manage all network resources and pipe traffic to meet the fast-changing demands of upper-layer services.

Huawei is ready to help operators reinvigorate telecom networks, digitally transform industry, and explore the new blue ocean of verticals. 

We believe that, "If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk together."