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Communicate Issue 79

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Issue 79

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Cover Story

The Pipe Strategy: The Key to ICT's Potential

Huawei strives to develop value from connections, bandwidth, and data. We will provide an agile network architecture and open platforms to speed the digitization of our customers.

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Welcome to the cloud: Business transformation through next-gen cloud evolution

To provide a ROADS experience and satisfy new business, telcos are using cloud infrastructure to transform their IT capabilities, increase efficiency, and get new services to market faster.


Digitizing economies with innovative tech

By 2020, a new All Cloud era with cloud computing, IoT, big data analytics, and AI will come into being, which will usher in an unprecedented wave of innovation that will transcend physical limits.

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Drilling down to the core with NFV

At the core of telco digital transformation sits network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), both of which promise immense value.

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A good view is a cloudy view

Delivering IT resources on the cloud and on-demand can help operators lower costs, engender innovation agility, and generate new revenues.

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Industry Perspectives

Monetizing MBB the smart way

Strategic digital thinking can boost CSPs position in the digital ecosystem and drive innovation to provide advanced services for customers.

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How to Operate

Rebuilding the value of telecom video

Carriers are placing video at the center of their future transformation strategies for business growth, instead of just seeing it as a value-added service that complements broadband.

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How to Operate

Unifying policy management

Unified policy centers that can manage multiple access networks and deliver a consistent, high-grade experience for users are a must-have for operators.

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NB-IoT: When narrow-minded is best

For operators, the right NB-IoT business models coupled with the right plays open up a multitude of verticals. Let’s find out more.

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Integrating SDN: Three approaches for one-stop enterprise cloud VPN

For businesses wanting to enter new markets more quickly, innovate faster, and increase productivity, it’s clear what’s needed: flexible, reliable, customizable and more efficient ICT services.

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CloudDB: Unified integrated data layer for cloudified networks

The unified integrated data layer is a new, data-centric architecture that can de-layer networks, simplify network operation and maintenance (O&M), slash TCO, and open and monetize data.

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Huawei 4.5G: Hello gigabit MBB, HD, and the Internet of Everything

Huawei has led the way with commercial trials of 4.5G solution, which has already been standardized by 3GPP. With over 60 networks rolling out this year, 2016 is the dawn of the new gigabit MBB era.

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IoT: Collaborating on connections

Integrating the physical and digital worlds simplifies business processes, boosts productivity, improves products and services, and cultivates innovation.

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Cutting Edge

All about the user with ADN

For network construction, application-driven networking (ADN) provides logically independent network slices to meet the varied networking requirements of different applications.