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Communicate Issue 77

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Issue 77

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Cover Story

Going digital by reconstructing IT

In the digital era, operators need to provide a ROADS experience. They can only do so by reconstructing their IT systems from internal support systems into value creation systems.

Experts' Forum

Digitizing with Huawei Telco OS

Huawei's Telco OS accelerates operators' digital transformation. Deployment takes place top-down to boost user experience, build core competence through strategic planning and business innovation.


Walking the road to cloud transformation

To transform, operators must build IT-based networks. With mature cloud computing and high-performance x86 servers, cloudified data centers are the best way to go.


Platform, Partners, Processes: Moving from CSPs to DSPs with Digital inCloud

In response to digitization, Huawei’s Digital inCloud is designed to transform carriers from CSPs into DSPs. It does so by virtue of the 3Ps: platform, partners, and processes.


The ROADS to digitization

In all fields of human endeavour, offline activities are shifting online. ROADS experience is the new standard for people to receive and carriers to give. This makes digital transformation a must.


Building cloud data centers the smart way

When constructing cloud data centers, operators need strategic partners to assist with top-level design and planning, oversee the quality and progress, and help with cutover and migration.

How to Operate

Flying into the public cloud

As the cloud model matures, the market for public cloud services continue to grow. To meet the needs of major customers, cloud service companies need to provide hybrid cloud services.

How to Operate

OSSaaS: The next-gen OSS

OSSaaS can be regarded as a next-gen OSS solution, an IES that’s perfect for accelerating transformation, and providing CSPs with new skills, processes, and features necessary for OSS transformation.

How to Operate

China Telecom Global: Sitting high on the public cloud

Teamed up with Huawei, China Telecom Global aims to become a data haven for Chinese companies, a data exchange center for the Asia-Pacific, and a world-class integrated IT services provider.

How to Operate

Digital BES: From supporter to enabler

The Business Enabling System (BES) is the next-gen Business Support System (BSS). Designed to help carriers go digital, the BES enables a ROADS experience, open ecosystems, and agile operations.


Business growth through storage consolidation

Consolidating or renovating legacy systems is the best way for operators to boost revenues. Carrier CIOs require sustainable development by consolidating data centers and, as part of that, storage.


Score a transformation win with managed IT services

More operators are partnering with ICT service providers with primary integration capabilities and global best practices to navigate and manage the complex process of ICT transformation.


FusionInsight: Big results from big data

Operators are looking to enable business, build platforms, and establish big data ecosystems to unleash the value of huge volumes of data.


Powerful data centers: Cloudification with the Huawei SD-DC²

Huawei's powerful cloud data center solution helps operators cloudify their data centers so that their IT infrastructure can meet the needs of the cloud era.

Cutting Edge

Getting located with Wi-FI

New tech like MMW, accurate timing, and CSI will soon make Wi-Fi the main tool for universal positioning, which in turn will give rise to thousands of apps for the Internet of Things (IoT).