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Communicate Issue 76

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Issue 76

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Cover Story

ROADS to providing peak service experience

Telcos must adapt to survive. They need to create a ROADS experience for users that's personalized, on-demand, and available anytime, anywhere. Huawei provides the solution in the form of SoftCOM.

Expert's Forum

Open innovation for a Better Connected World

Innovation is the key to boosting capabilities and responding to an increasingly diverse world. Huawei defines three levels of innovation: fundamental, allied, and ecosystem.

Expert's Forum

ONOS: SDN gets real

The future of telco is software defined and open-source. The carrier-grade Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is the first OS ever to combine both.


Telco OS: A next-gen operations system to enable telecom transformation

Telco OS is Huawei's agile value proposition for achieving ROADS, synergizing business with infrastructure, and realizing transformation through digitization and internetization.


Open ROADS to a Better Connected World

Nations across the planet are connecting the physical and digital worlds. Doing so successfully depends upon opening ROADS: Real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, and social.


FusionInsight: Innovation creates more value

To create value for customers and society with big data analytics, Huawei's FusionInsight incorporates powerful big data solutions for the carrier, enterprise, and consumer sectors.


Mobile video: The new frontier

Huawei's business and network consultancy services provide the tools for building a complete ecosystem for providing and monetizing video services.


Huawei's open cloud strategy

Based on OpenStack architecture, Huawei's FusionSphere provides an innovative solution for open cloud platforms.

How to Operate

Enriching digital business with Digital inCloud

Huawei's Digital inCloud strategy and solution helps telcos to accelerate digitization, aggregate partners, build digital ecosystems and infrastructure, and expand into other industries.

How to Operate

Universe: Enabling telco's digital transformation

Huawei's big data solution, Universe, helps telcos to build big data analytics platforms, solve business problems with the platforms, and build collaborative digital ecosystems to monetize data assets.


Openness and security in the big data era

The Huawei Open Data Bus solution answers the call for data protection and user privacy in this age of security threats.


eLTE and TETRA collaboration: For smarter cities

To ensure wide coverage and multimedia solutions for emergency response in smart cities, Huawei provides end-to-end command and dispatch solution for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR)


Next-generation broadband policy control systems: Where are they heading?

What will the next-gen policy control systems for broadband look like? Huawei analyzes the state of play and compares solutions.

Cutting Edge

Microwave In-band Full-duplex doubles microwave capacity

Microwave In-band Full-duplex technology improves microwave link capacity, optimizes spectrum resources, and boosts network capacity.