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Enabling business and operations excellence



As MBB, FBB, and data centers (DCs) develop, smart devices proliferate, and data services evolve, user behavior has changed dramatically in the digital era, requiring network experiences that are real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, and social (ROADS).

However, ROADS capability requires the transformation of telecom network architecture and operations. Service TTM must be shortened from months to hours. Network connections must increase tenfold. Open APIs must be introduced that integrate various applications used by individuals, families, and enterprises. Real-time big data analytics and decision-making must also be supported, with the OSS and BSS transformed from support roles to enablement.

The integration of four systems is of particular importance – the DC system, network function virtualization (NFV) system, software-defined networking (SDN) system, and telco operations system (Telco OS). The DC system will become the center of the network, built as cloud-based agile IT infrastructure. Operators will rely on experienced primary system E2E integrators, as telco OS-based system integration requires a full understanding of end-user behavior as well as ICT network data. Once the infrastructure enabling system (IES), business enablement system (BES), and big data platform are integrated, user service requirements will be met.

The telco value chain will shift to new value areas, with changes across three domains – from network function to user experience, from voice & bandwidth provision to rich & convergent ICT services, and from user growth to application innovation development. These changes will encourage the telecom industry to embrace open digital operations. All players in the industry chain must collaborate closely to build this ecosystem. Operators, OTT players, equipment vendors, system integrators, content providers, and end users will all be a part of it.

Huawei will proactively build it. We will innovate cooperatively with operators and partners, upstream & downstream. Huawei has continuously invested in business processes, tools & platforms, and professional teams, and has fully collaborated with the TM Forum, Quest Forum, ETSI, etc., to share our best practices. These initiatives will help us continuously integrate into an open and cooperative ecosystem, and add value to a Better Connected World.