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Communicate Issue 75

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Issue 75

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Experts' Forum

How should operators go digital?

Leveraging technology is fundamental to digital transformation but understanding customers and serving them exceptionally is at the heart of digital business.

Experts' Forum

An Emerging CSP Vision

On September 15, 2014, Huawei held its first Global Services Forum in London. Learn more.

Experts' Forum

Catch the Right Customers

How to identify, attract and keep the customers who will drive your telecom business forwards. Learn more.

Cover Story

Value operations through sustainable quality networks based on user perception

Huawei offers a diverse lineup of solutions to help carriers build “BEST (beneficial, efficient, service-oriented, and transformative) Networks".


Enabling business and operations excellence

ROADS requires the transformation of telecom network architecture and operations.Open APIs must be introduced to integrate various applications used by individuals, families, and enterprises.

Industry Focus

Going virtual: Life on the cloud

Huawei is well on its way to becoming a leading Prime System Integrator thanks to its mature products and technologies.

Industry Focus

Mobile video: The next feast for mobile broadband

LTE makes optimizing video service quality and customer experience possible. But what carriers need to do to make it possible?

Industry Focus

Anytime-anywhere xMbps: Building quality wireless based on user perception

Access rate is fundamental to the data service experience. And adopting regional xMbps can cut costs and strike a balance between network experience and overall investment.

Industry Focus

Evaluation model for quality brand MBB networks

Premium networks are best evaluated by comprehensively analyzing the intrinsic links between key performance indicators (KPIs), key quality indicators (KQIs), and quality of experience (QoE).

Indusrty Perspectives

Centralized operations: Strategies for today & tomorrow

Centralization provides a real opportunity to meet all of an operator’s transformation objectives. Learn more.

Indusrty Perspectives

Next-gen OSS: Unleashing network potential

A next-generation operational support system (OSS) must be the core telco network platform for digital services. Learn how it unleashes network potential

How to Operate

IT convergence drives demand for telecom managed services

What are the challenges facing operators in terms of ITO, and how Huawei can help them tackle these problems.

How to Operate

Fujian Unicom implements “pre-assessment, post-evaluation” construction model

Through its innovative "pre-assessment, post-evaluation" network construction model, Fujian Unicom has found the perfect balance between investment, user perception and network quality.

How to Operate

Optimizing user experience with openness: Huawei SmartCare CEM

Customer experience management helps improve operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency to give a better customer experience and create a new revenue source for telcos by monetizing this experience.


Green data centers in four steps

Huawei has developed four steps to helping operators plan, construct and manage a new generation of green data centers.


Evolution to info-oriented next-gen All-IP

Huawei helps telcos evolve their networks to information-interconnection orientation through elastic cloud-pipe-device design, agile service provision, and short-term capacity planning.


Three-indicator model creates a "compass" for investment value

Huawei's "Three-indicator model" effectively links network returns, network quality and user perceptions to better illustrate a network's features.


Improving carrier ROI through geolocalized network data analysis

Huawei's pioneering 6D business model and geolocalized network data help carriers accurately identify hotspots, guarantee coverage quality, and maximize ROI.