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How Huawei NZ Keep Working During COVID 19 Lockdown: Split Teams and a Daily Health Check App


[14 April 2019] Huawei New Zealand Deputy CEO Andrew Bowater shares his team’s work method during the COVID 19 lockdown: “Most of the team are busier than ever during lockdown. As one of the only telecommunication equipment providers with boots on the ground, we're focused on supporting our customers through the lockdown.

We've got teams of people working from home, but we've also got people working with partners in the field helping keep New Zealand's networks running during lockdown. We've separated the field team into two. That way if we have any health concerns, we only need to quarantine half of the team and can keep supporting our customers.

We've also created a daily health check app. We're using it around the globe to find out each day if our team members are healthy. If they aren't feeling healthy, we're geared up to support them quickly and figure out if we need to isolate any other members of team as a result. 

My team and I have the benefit of seeing our headquarters go through and come out of lockdown. So as much as it's tough for all of us right now, I keep reminding my team that we will get through lockdown and emerge into a new normal. However, for the moment we all need to sit tight and minimise our physical interaction”.