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Optical line systems: the road to 100Tbps

Optical system capacity enhanced by extended C-band, Super C-band, and C+L bands

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Advances in transmission, optical line amplification, and ROADM switching technologies are enabling more wavelengths to be transported on optical fiber systems. The additional wavelengths transmitted enables a greater overall transmission per fiber pair improving network economics. Today's industry transmission standard is 96 wavelengths in the extended C-band. The industry is currently in the midst of evaluating the merits of "Super C-band" and C+L solutions. The higher wavelength systems pave the way for 100Tbps transmission. Network operators are constantly searching for the lowest cost per solutions. Super C and C+L require technology ecosystem development. Once Super C and C+L achieve high volume production, the communications services providers will be able to reap the benefits of lower cost per bit systems.