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4G/5G FWA Broadband White Paper

Download PDF(2.53MB)

Wireless Fiber provides fiber like speed by 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology.

Wireless Fiber offers a good choice to governments and operators to promote national broadband and provide an alternative option for Fixed Broadband (FBB) to offer home broadband services due to its leading technologies and mature ecosystem.

The white paper highlights the following facts and forecasts according to reliable sources:

Wireless Fiber is an alternative of fiber and can help "broadband for all" and bridge the "Digital Divide".

Wireless Fiber reuses legacy mobile network infrastructure, does not need access permission and civil construction, and can easily provide inclusive fixed broadband with a low TCO. Wireless Fiber have following advantages:

  • Full connection
  • Fiber like experience
  • Fast deployment and fast ROI
  • Flexible price and speed on demand
  • 5G-oriented evolution

Wireless Fiber has been serving 100 million households, of which more than one billion households were not connected. Connection speeds need to be boosted for over 450 million households. Wireless Fiber has played a key role in the progress.

It has been put into commercial adoption globally. Typical cases include Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Trinidad and Tobago.