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Huawei Releases HUAWEI SmartCare® BOE Solution

Digital Service Operation Enables Carriers' Business Growth

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12, 2019] HUAWEI’s SmartCare® BOE (Business Operations Enablement) was introduced at the TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia (TM Forum DTA) conference in Kuala Lumpur, November 12 – 14 for global carrier representatives, industry consulting companies and ecosystem partners. The HUAWEI SmartCare®BOE solution is designed to enable carriers to achieve experience-driven and data-driven digital service operations to accelerate digital business development and new business growth.

Simon Liang, Service Experience Consulting & System Integration Dept Director, GTS, Huawei, Gives Presentation at TM Forum DTA

While telecom carriers in different regions of the world are at different stages of development, however, they face the common challenge of increasing revenue from both traditional telecom services and new digital services (Video, Gaming, Cloud VR/AR, etc.). With traditional operations, time-to-market for new products is typically too long, marketing is poorly targeted and not done in real-time, and operational efficiency is low. However, carriers do have some unique advantages to leverage, such as a large customer, base, rich sources of data, well-developed marketing channels, and good user experience. The big challenge now for carriers is how to break away from being a pure connectivity supplier and realize digital operations transformation to enable digital business development and growth.

The HUAWEI SmartCare® BOE solution addresses carriers' business development pain points and enables carriers to develop competitive digital services. Based on a unified digital intelligent platform, the world's leading Huawei SmartCare@B.E.S.T.(Business, Evolution, Service, Transformation) Network and HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC(Service Operations Center) solutions, BOE will enable carriers to deliver the ultimate network experience while streamlining their digital operations and sustainably developing networks, services, and business.

Simon Liang, Service Experience Consulting & System Integration Dept. Director, GTS, Huawei, said in a keynote speech at TM Forum DTA: “Digital operation transformation and new digital business development are inevitable choices for carriers to achieve ongoing business success, and the 5G era provides a historical opportunity for carriers to transform their business and operating models. Digital transformation, enabled by the Huawei SmartCare® BOE solution can help them leverage their unique advantages, reimagining their product, marketing and general business operations to guarantee continues business success. "

The HUAWEI SmartCare® BOE solution covers products and services from three dimensions including product digitization, precision marketing, and digital service auxiliary operations. It aims to shorten the time-to-market of carriers' products, improve marketing accuracy, raise the operational efficiency of digital service delivery, and ultimately enable carriers to create new services and achieve business success.

Huawei advocates open, cooperative, and win-win development for the industry. Together, the concerted efforts of carriers, Huawei, and other ecosystem partners can successfully embrace the new challenges and opportunities brought by the digital transformation of the telecom industry. This belief has been encapsulated in the HUAWEI SmartCare® solution, which has now been deployed in over 300 projects across 90 carriers and over 60 countries. The solution continues to be user-experience-centric and data-driven to streamline carriers' digital operations and drive the development of their networks, services, and business.  This will allow carriers and their partners to achieve continuous success in digital operation transformation.