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We are working with different partners across the globe on multiple projects to improve education, health, environment, and development.

AI Assisted Infant Eye Disease Screening

Collaboration is the New Innovation

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Science and Technology Protect Biodiversity

UNESCO Director for East Africa on Huawei Collaboration in TECH4ALL

Collaboration Matters

Combating Adversity with Technology

The world is facing many challenges today, from climate change to widening economic inequality. While technology has the power to unite us and overcome the greatest obstacles we face, not everyone has access to the digital world.

We Cannot Go It Alone

No single organization can tackle today’s problems alone. By collaborating, we can combine our individual expertise to help bring technology to everyone. We are strong alone, but together nothing can stop us.

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Working with us gives you access to our resources and expertise. Together, we can achieve more.

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  • Making a Difference Together

    “More Africans need digital skills to use AI. To really benefit, Africa cannot only be a user of AI made elsewhere, but a producer of AI made locally. They need the skills and capabilities within Africa to do this themselves.“
    Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta
    Director, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa
    United Nations
    “The stakeholders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution extend beyond industries. Prosperity will require investment in sustainability education, diversity and gender parity.“
    Danil Kerimi
    Head of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network,
    World Economic Forum China
    “'Technology for All' and 'For Our Living Planet' envision a better future for all. WWF stands ready to work with Huawei to protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on earth!“
    Lo Sze Ping
    Chief Representative and CEO, WWF China
    “With the help of Huawei's AI, we are protecting forests and creating the world's largest soundscape for ecology. Worldwide partnership, pass it on.“
    Topher White
    Founder and CEO, Rainforest Connection
    “As researchers, we need support from technology companies; Huawei is enabling us to globalize the impact of DIVE, and take the technology to every corner of the world.“
    Victoria Pueyo
    Co-founder, DIVE Medical

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